Support changes - Forum to be closed

    Note: Of course this is our traditional April Fools joke for this year we simply can't resist to do...;-) Although the Twitter account is indeed real it probably will not be that much used.

    The Zenphoto team is pleased to announce a change in focus for our support efforts.

    We will discontinue using the bbpress based and move all support to an new Twitter account. We believe this will better serve both our users and developers.

    The support forum was plagued by lengthy postings including such unnecessary information as the Poster's Zenphoto version and Theme. Moving to Twitter will ensure that posts contain only 140 characters and encourage people to be brief. Messages such as “my installation does not work. Please help me.” Are much more efficient than ones that spell out in gruesome detail exactly what the failure was and how to reproduce it.

    In addition, the development team will be able to more easily respond with some “standard” texts such as “works for me” or “upgrade to the latest version.” It is our understanding that with the appropriate Twitter plugin these responses can be made automatic, thus minimizing the time between a user posting his problem and receiving his support.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.