The myth of Zenphoto being dead

    Recently this "myth" was discussed a little on Twitter. We wondered as well. The reason was actually just our logo and the 5th anniversary button we used since 2010 being misunderstood:


    The reports of our death are of course greatly exaggerated. We are alive and kicking as our site and forum show! We are on to our 10th year (we will get you, Piwigo!..;-)) and hopefully many more. Therefore we now changed that button text to be clear about that!

    Btw, in case you didn't know, you can download our logo in several variants to spread the word about us, too.

    So stay tuned as the 1.4.3 release is ahead with some nice new features and improvements. The main one will be cloning of installs so you can run multiple sites with one Zenphoto core install!

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.