The poll is out of order

    Sadly the update to Wordpress 2.5 broke the poll plugin we had installed to see what features gain the most interesst by you, our users. Additionally the author of that plugin does not support it anymore. We haven't found a replacement yet. So for the time being the poll is removed.

    Here are the last known poll results:

    1. Move/Copy/Rename images and albums: 166
    2. Internationalization & localization: 122
    3. Automatic Image Rotating base on EXIF: 89
    4. Automatic creation of Video thumbs (#331): 57
    5. Visually select album thumbnails: 34
    6. Edit Theme Files Within Admin (#133): 32
    7. Create individual thumb crops for each image: 30
    8. Geotag googlemap popup: 28
    9. Select image size to view: 24
    10. Support ImageMagick conversion: 22
    11. Support Windows XMP in addition to the standard EXIF/IPTC metadata (#351): 9

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.