Theme section changes (Feb 2012)

    There have been some small changes to our theme's section recently that might be interessting to note.

    Removed themes

    We sadly had to remove the following 3rd party themes:

    • Mosaic: It is still listed on its site but the download links are broken. We will check and if it is fixed we will list it again.
    • Silhouette: Not provided anymore
    • The life in blue: Not provided anymore
    • The life is social: Not provided anymore
    • zpGalleriffic 1.0: Not provided anymore (there is a newer zpGallerffic 1.4 though)

    Although we have copies of (some of) the themes we don't choose to provide them as hosted but unsupported 3rd party themes for now as we do with some other abandoned ones. Especially as some of the authors still provide other themes.

    Supported plugins listed

    Also new is that all theme entries now list for which layout specific plugins they generally provide support (this is done usings specific tags). These are plugins that you need to add to a theme direclty so they fit in. There has been often confusing from newer users about this. So we hope that this helps a little now. 

    Non layout specific plugins are for example the video players or purely filter based plugins which should generally work with any compatible Zenphoto theme.

    More by author

    We also now list if an author has more contributions (this is also for the extension section entries) so you can direclty perform a search. This is also done using tags. 

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.