Third party themes libratus and zpBase forked

    Some may have noticed that gjr’s themes/repositories libratus and zpBase did not show any activity for quite some time. Sadly we lost contact with him some time ago, too. From what we know, it is probably just his full time day job – which is not web development related at all.

    But before that he helped with some significant changes on the planned new major release he will get credit for.

    Anway, we know that his themes are favorites so we have now forked his themes to the Zenphoto GitHub organization now:

    We have changed the entries on the extensions section already and suggest you file bug reports on those repos.

    Please understand though that we have no resources to further develop these themes but we can help fixing bugs with newer releases that way. Contributions via pull requests of course are also welcome if you use these themes.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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