Update on zenphoto

    Joen’s theme for the upcoming zenphoto is complete, so check out his post on the usability and design strategies he incorporated into it.

    I figured I should show it in action, so I’ve uploaded the latest zenphoto to the usual place, which is full of some great new design.

    No, it’s not done yet. Look, I’m on 0.6, and I’ve got 0.7-0.9 to go before I can call it 1.0! ;-) If you want to see exactly how much left there is, look at the list, and please tell me if there are things in for 1.0 you don’t care about so I can put them off until later.

    Also, while I remember, I prefer the spelling “zenphoto”, though I really don’t care if you capitalize and add spaces.

    Also, if you’re looking for an amazing new album to listen to, get Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens (iTunes) now. It’s blown me away on first listen, and I’m still only on track 20.


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