Web2.0 Awards Honorable Mention for Zenphoto!

    For some reason, zenphoto got an honorable mention in this year’s Web 2.0 awards! I was quite surprised to find that email in-between the spam in my Hotmail account.

    We got the award for the “Photos & Digital Imaging” category, in the shadows of such greats as Flickr and, well, Flickr. Hopefully people see the value in an open-source self-hosted alternative to the big guy, so we’ll keep working on making it even more than that (seriously, we’re working on it for real now :-) ).

    And of course, the best part is that we get to show this:


    While we’re still on the subject, we have a release coming tomorrow. Lots of bugfixes and security patches. Make sure to check it out. Update: tomorrow’s release delayed until tomorrow (today). It’s all set, just need to do the site changes and I’m out of time. Thanks for your patience.


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