zenphoto 0.3.5 – “admin/1234″

    Before I go off on vacation (camping in Yosemite NP; Tuolumne Meadows, not the overcrowded valley) I thought I’d post another demo.

    This time, I’m mainly showing off the administration pages. The Overview screen is like WordPress’s dashboard, but with useful information instead of slow RSS feeds. Comments obviously (eventually) will show all your comments, with edit/delete/moderate options. Upload (currently disabled for all you) is my favorite part — you have to try it out. First, the folder is auto-generated from the typed name by default (with graceful conflict handling and/or notification, even if you type your own — try typing “Space”), and better: no more having to reload the page to get more upload boxes. Last but not least, Edit allows you to mass-edit things on any level; album info, and image info in albums.

    Zenphoto 0.3.5 Admin
    user: admin
    pass: 1234

    The public part hasn’t changed except that you have to log in in order to AJAX edit titles and descriptions. It will change a lot soon though, with a new default template by Joen Asmussen, who started me on this whole project in the first place.

    We’re gearing up for a release. After I get back from vacation, I have a week before school takes over, and I plan to have it ready then. That’s 3 weeks folks. I’ve got the domain and a berlios account ready.

    Now, off to Yosemite.


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