Zenphoto 1.1.5 Announcement

    We are pleased to announce the second Zenphoto release of this month, version 1.1.5. This version brings a few major improvements and new features, as well as significantly improving the efficiency of Zenphoto. New features include Boolean expressions in searches, which allow you to do such things as "dogs | cats" and combine results for both, Dynamic Albums, which are a way to create an album out of a search phrase (or boolean combination of search terms), a long-requested feature for Multiple administrators with different rights or abilities.

    With this release we've also achieved major performance improvements across the board (nearly 4x faster page load times for large albums, benchmark results coming soon), and improvements to the efficiency of the EXIF library and caching, resulting in snappier gallery browsing and an even faster Zenphoto than before.

    Thanks to all who helped with this release, and everyone who tested the nightly builds and provided feedback.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.