Zenphoto 1.1

    • Subalbum administration including ordering, deleting, editing, uploading, etc. #6 [sbillard, trisweb]
    • Subalbum paging. #2 [sbillard]
    • RSS feeds for gallery, albums and comments. #7 [WillHamilton, thinkdreams, Alenonimo, acrylian]
    • EXIF display #4 [trisweb]
    • Download complete album as zip using: printAlbumZip() #32 [mankind]
    • Password protected theme (temporary solution); load the theme 'default-pass' #46 [La0c00n]
    • Support for Videos (flv, mov, 3gp): ZenVideo #54 [La0c00n]
    • Geospatial Visualization (Google Maps) using: printAlbumMap() and printImageMap() #54 and #78 [mankind]
    • Deleting album with subalbums no longer leaves tracks #75 [sbillard]
    • Subalbums work with all the themes included in this release [aitf311]
    • Options (zp-config.php entries) moved to web-based admin [sbillard]
    • /zen/ folder renamed to /zp-core/ because of conflicts; take note!
    • Partial plugin support: theme plugins and zenphoto core plugins (see Spam Filter in admin options) [sbillard]
    • IPTC support for Title and Caption. #67 [sbillard]
    • Spam Filtering with Askimet and another simple algorithm. #123 [sbillard, thinkdreams]
    • Image and Album searching. [acrylian, sbillard]
    • Basic Image and Album tag support. [sbillard, aitf311]
    • Image and Album archives, based on available metadata dates. [sbillard]
    • Full list of resolved issues on Trac

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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