Zenphoto 1.2

    • Move/copy/rename albums and images [trisweb]
    • Mutli-lingual content support [sbillard]
    • Separate plugin translation capability [acrylian, sbillard]
    • Lots of security/vulnerability fixes [krainbolt]
    • Admin backend improvements [trisweb, sbillard, acrylian]
    • Slideshow plugin updates: progressive image preloading, slideshow from search and dynamic albums [dpeterson, sbillard, acrylian]
    • Setup improvements with more checks [sbillard]
    • Translation updates
      • Traditional Chinese translation [fatman]
      • German translation [acrylian]
      • Dutch translation [Vincent]
    • Upload video and audio files via admin backend [sbillard]
    • Tag management improvements [sbillard]
    • RSS feeds with language option [acrylian]
    • Many minor improvements and bugfixes. See all resolved issues on Trac.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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