Zenphoto 1.4.13

    This is a minor bugfix release. 


    • Follow-up fixes regarding the new dirty form check on the backend [fretzl]
    • Some fixes regarding PHP 7 compatibility [fretzl]
    • New parameter $printHomeURL added to printGalleryIndexURL() function to hide the home-link if desired [fretzl - thanks to vincent3569]
    • Fix getParentBreadcrumb() where toplevel parent returned wrong page number[acrylian, fretzl]


    • Fix issue with gallery page number in Garland theme [fretzl]
    • Fix issue with Custom Homepage option in Garland theme [fretzl]


    • Fix themeSwitcher plugin to work with new admintoolbox layout [acrylian]
    • Better layout of the site_upgrade plugin placeholder page and finaly got rid of the ugly placeholder image whose usage wasn't clear as no license was known [acrylian]
    • Fix slideshow plugins to work with the new trailings slash url change [acrylian]
    • Some RSS feed fixes [Thanks to cbraymen]
    • Fix GoogleMap marker clusters [fretzl – Thanks to cbraymen]
    • Fix broken content when HTML in comments is truncated by printLatestComments() [fretzl – Thanks to cbraymen]
    • Fix double pathurlencoding in some extensions which caused links to fail. [fretzl – Thanks to cbraymen]


    • Danish (jesdnissen)
    • Dutch (fretzl)
    • German (acrylian)
    • Slovak (tangorn)
    • Japanese (momo-i)

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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