Zenphoto 1.4.3

    • General

      • We have closed a security hole having to do with changed behavior in a library we did use. Special thanks to JPCERT Coordination Center and the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) for bringing this to our attention.
      • If Zenphoto thinks it needs to run Setup again but the files are not present it will now tell you why. The reasons are also divided into critical--Setup must be run to procede, and cautionary--Setup should be run at your earliest convenience, but the site will continue to function. Only users with ADMIN rights will see the warning notice. [sbillard]
      • Backup compression will now be applied to the database row (instead of each individual field). This makes for smaller backups when compression is used. Old field-compressed backups are still supported in restore. However, compressed backups created by the 1.4.3 Backup process CANNOT be restored by prior versions of Zenphoto. Use instead uncompressed backups. [sbillard]
      • Subdomain support for separate language sites (e.g. fr.domain.com, en.domain.com) [sbillard]
      • New rights value USER_RIGHTS to gateway access to the user credentials tab [sbillard]
      • Search for Zenpage news categories [sbillard]
      • .zip file support for jQuery upload option [sbillard]
      • The number of Codeblock fields may be extended beyond the original three [sbillard]
      • RSS feeds now generated via their own class. Extra GET parameters supported additionally to the admin options NOTE: RSS urls change!: Legacy RSS redirections to be removed in Zenphoto 1.4.3 [Update] [acrylian]
      • Password strenght rather than required character sets.
      • Better memory management when retrieving multiple rows from the database. [sbillard]
      • The search feature has been modified to remove the reset icon that no one liked. The selection of searching within the previous search or starting a new search is now part of the search options (the same place you select the fields to be searched.) [sbillard]
      • Auto rotate option has been removed. This option was both confusing and redundant. With 1.4.3 rotation of images is available if supported by the graphics library. Rotation can be specified by the image option or from the Orientation EXIF field imbedded in the image. If the latter is not accurate it can be supressed by disabling that field from processing.
      • SQLite support has been removed. This database is not capable of supporting some of the needed functions now used in Zenphoto.
      • Backend layout fluidity improved.
    • Official themes:

      • Support for now unsupported shutterfly plugin dropped [acrylian]
      • Page number added to titles for paginated content for SEO reasons [sbillard]
      • zpMobile (NEW): A theme primarily for mobile/smartphone browsing using the jQuerymobile framework [acrylian - Special thanks to gjr for testing]
    • Plugins

      • Plugins may now separate notices from their description. The new plugin page presumes short descriptions with added notices ($_plugin_notice=string) if further information is required. [sbillard]
      • The more info link now directs to a local document processor which will format and display the plugin's document block along with other plugin information. [sbillard]
      • cacheManager:The pre-caching of images is back as an official plugin. It has been enhanced with options for the sizing of images to create. ALso included are options for automatically purging the caches if content published state changes. [sbillard]
      • html_meta_tags: Support for canonical url and alternate multilingual links  [sbillard, acrylian]
      • dynamic_locale, seo_locale, sitemap-extended: to support multi language sites [sbillard, acrylian]
      • Zenpage: CombiNews mode now also with full images [acrylian]
      • tinyMCE
        • tinyZenpage: 
          • rel="colorbox" added to full image links by default [acrylian]
          • Full image embedding option [acrylian]
      • phpmailer: TLS capability [sbillard]
      • image_album_statistics: getImage/AlbumStatistic() have new additional option modes, e.g. for random, latest publishdate. Note: There do not exit wrapper functions like printPopularImages() for these [acrylian]
      • colorbox plugin renamed to colorbox_js because of internal HTML id/name conflicts [sbillard]
      • downloadList: Adds getting images from the cache to the album zip download [sbillard]
      • cloneZenphoto (New): Zenphoto core may now be shared among multiple installations. [sbillard]
      • mergedRSS (New): Merge multiple Zenphoto RSS feeds into one RSS stream. [acrylian]
      • related_items (New): Functions to print or get a list of objects related to the current page. Related meaning that they share tags. [acrylian]
      • site_upgrade (New): Easily close your site while you update it. Visitors are redirected to a customizable page until the site is re-opened. [sbillard]
      • publishContent (New): A central location to view and manage your unpublished images, albums, articles, pages, and categories. [sbillard]
      • mobileTheme (New): Plugin to automatically select themes based on the mobile device identification [sbillard]
      • show PHP information (New): a new admin utility button to display your server PHP information. [sbillard]
      • themeSwitcher (New): a plugin to allow visitors to select the gallery theme to view. [sbillard]
      • The formerly fixed built in upload handlers are now plugins so you can create your own:
        • uploader_flash (New) [sbillard]
        • uploader_http (New) [sbillard]
        • uploader_jQuery (New) [sbillard]
    • Translations 

      • Dutch [fretzl]
      • French [Michel Gagnon]
      • Galician [abotana]
      • German [acrylian]
      • Japanese [momo]
      • Slovak [tangorn]

    Developers' Note

    Zenphoto template functions now consistently deal with html encoding. All strings used internally in Zenphoto (and stored in the database) should be in clear text. Strings will be html encoded as appropriate whenever a Zenphoto function prints the string. This may result in some html appearing in the output because of double encoding when a theme passes an html encoded string to a Zenphoto print type function for output.

    We have had to change the name (and therefore folder) of the colorbox plugin because of an internal HTML clash with the tag colorbox. As a result, themes which have custom colorbox themes will need to rename the folder containing the theme to colorbox_js.

    Thanks to: 

    All that use Zenphoto and contributed, be it patches, ideas, feedback and bug reports on the forum and bugtracker.

    Special thanks to:

    Fretzl for his help on the forum and behind the scenes (he did update all of our hosted 3rd party themes for 1.4.3 for example); Michel Gagnon for his help on the forum; kagutsuchi for occasionally helping on the forum although actually lacking the time.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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