Zenphoto 1.5.3

    This is a bugfix release.


    • Fix serious bug of redirectURL() unintentionally breaking setup on fresh installs [acrylian]
    • Extend allowed tags option defaults to include HTML5 elements and some more standard ones. To get these on existing install you need to revert the option to its defaults (copy custom settings before doing that!) [acrylian]
    • Internal cURL request function now follows up to 3 redirections [acrylian]
    • Fixes wrong supported image type list if using GD library [acrylian]
    • Fix missing width/height attributes on images if using custom album thumb sizes [bic-ed]
    • Fixes watermarking causing cached images not being created. This was primarily related to upscaling working not well with very small watermark images. Since upscaling images does almost never look good the "allow upscale" option has been removed so that watermarks are never made larger than the actual image is. [acrylian, fretzl, Thanks to ctdlg)


    • hitcounter: Adds getTotalHitcounter() function [acrylian]
    • openstreetmap: LeafletJS and leaftleat-providers script updates [vincent3569]


    • garland, zenpage, zpMobile: Fixes issue with page validity check that broke pagination of favorites [acrylian]


    • NEW: Argentinian Spanish [guirala]
    • NEW: Bolivian Spanish [guirala]
    • Dutch [fretzl]
    • French [vincent3569]
    • German [acrylian]
    • Italian [bic-ed]
    • NEW: Latin American Spanish [guirala]
    • NEW: Uruguayan Spanish [guirala]
    • NEW: US Spanish [guirala]
    • Spanish [guirala]


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