Zenphoto support forums

    Thank you all for the wonderful response to the release of the zenphoto beta (read the post below, or go to zenphoto.org to grab it).

    zenphoto support forums

    Of course, like any beta release, it’s a bit hard to install, and is pretty inconsistent over different platforms, so I’ve opened up the forums so you can get help easier and faster. If you need help, just start a new thread there. If you want to help give support, please create an account and start helping people out. I’d appreciate it greatly.

    There were a few common installation problems people have experienced:

    • The ‘albums’ directory cannot be found or is not readable means that you have your ’server_path’ variable wrong. This thread shows how to find out the right path.
    • Permissions on the ‘albums’ and ‘cache’ folders have to be world read/writable (eg: chmod 777 in unix/linux)
    • Problems without .htaccess or mod_rewrite enabled will be addressed in a later release. For now, to get to the admin pages without it, go to [zenphoto dir]/zen/admin.php manually.

    Other issues and bugs will hopefully be fixed soon. Also, I’m looking for more developers to help with everything. If you’re an experienced programmer, know languages other than PHP, and think you have good software design skills, send me an e-mail at the obvious address (everything trisweb).


    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.