Zenphoto update (and WP2)

    First, I upgraded to Wordpress 2.0 fairly smoothly, and I have to ask, how exactly did they manage to make the admin interface uglier than it was before? I don’t mean to be harsh… I like most of the rest of it–except the image upload addition–it will drive me to create a ZP-WP plugin to replace it ASAP.

    Anyway, zenphoto development has been very active recently. You can all thank Todd Papaioannou for his hard work on drag-n-drop sorting. Take a look at his posts describing the new features on his site. I think I can improve the interface a bit, but the functionality is all there and working beautifully.

    We’re planning on a release early next week with sorting, image and album deletion in the control panel, e-mail comment notification, and possibly RSS as well. Keep checking here for more updates.


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