zenphoto.org and privacy

    Now that the GDPR has taken effect we like to tell you about data usage on our site. Our site does not collect much data. Our site actually consists of four sub sites:


    The main site which uses Zenphoto itself. You cannot register on our main site and we don’t use comments. We don’t require cookies – except if you allow Matomo to track for statisics (see below) – on the main site except for our own login on the main site and keeping the search context if you searched on our site. The latter does not store personal data.

    We do collect some data manually for the extension or theme entries regarding third party contributions. We create entries for any separately available 3rd party extension and theme. Either because you informed us about them or we find them ourselves in public. We may also create a so called contributor page to showcase your contributions in one place. But it is always what you see is what we have. There is no secret data behind the scenes. We just use data you publish in public on your site, GitHub account or on our forum yourself. It is all laid out on our data privacy page.

    We do have a few advertisements on our site but those are just static locally hosted images with static links. We don’t have or allow any external tracking scripts. All we track is the plain click on these links without any other extra data.


    The demo site which naturally also uses Zenphoto does not collect anything. It uses cookies for search context and the theme selector.


    The forum does use cookies if you are registered and logged in. But the forum – we use a selfhosted Vanilla forums install – is not requiring much personal data. A user account just requires an anonymous user name and your e-mail address. That’s it. The IP the forum software stores is anonymized via a plugin. We even have disabled the forum internal statistics that would sent data to the Vanilla servers.


    Our online documentation of Zenphoto functions is just a static HTML site that is generated from Zenphoto’s source code. All is hosted in Germany and setup with SSL. We have disabled logfiles on the server as much as we can. We also use a selfhosted Matomo (formerly Piwik) install for statistics (except on the docs site) and it is configured for privacy. If you tell your browser you don’t want to be tracked it will honor that and you can, at any time, disable (or enable) tracking on our privacy page manually.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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