Zenphoto.org presents contributor profile pages!

    Zenphoto is a smaller CMS with a small community but from all over the world. We made these new pages for these reasons: 

    • Showcasing your contributions
    • Easier maintenance of author credits as we don’t have to change multiple entries if a user name or website link changes
    • And we do admit: A bit curiosity about activity and number of contributors overall

    We value and welcome all contributions to the project. Be it as an officially committed team member, by providing bug fixes to releases or creating third party solutions. Therefore we do list people that haven’t contributed for years. 

    So what is it? 

    On each extension or theme entry on our site you now see a credit box on the right (example) that lists all developers/authors that contributed this. If we know it shows the real name and the screename. Each name is linked to an specific page for this developer that we always setup. That lists all contributions this developer ever did.

    We have setup a page with some detailed information on these new pages.

    We hope you like this new site feature. Feel free to link to your page as a reference from your website or else! You could use our short logo or buttons for example.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.