publish content utility

We have discovered a bug in Zenphoto version 1.4.2 which leaves the default for publishing new images and albums set to not publish them. This is corrected in the nightly builds and in the upcoming release.

However, the nature of the bug is such that the error cannot automatically be reversed. The option must be manually changed on the gallery options tab if you do not want unpublished as the default.

Instead we have revived the publish content utility obsoleted by the bulk action implementations on albums and images. You can use this utility to locate any accidentally not published albums and images.

You can find this plugin here. Note that the plugin is "unsupported" which means that we may not extend it to deal with Zenpage content.


You will be presented with a list of un-published albums and a list of not visible images. You can select albums and images from these lists to be published. So you can freely upload albums and images and then on a periodic basis review which ones to make available to visitors of your gallery. Only images that are older than a specific date and time will be shown. (You can select that benchmark making it easy to allow new images to age before you decide to publish them.) There is no record of when albums were first encountered, so all un-published albums are show.

If you have the Zenpage CMS plugin enabled you will also have lists of unpublished categories, news articles, and pages.

NOTE: The fieldsets for each of these displays is collapsed by default. Click on the icon to open the view. When the view is open, will close it.

You can also change the default setting of the albums published and the images visible fields. (These (...)

Zenphoto jPlayer skins

We made these two clean skins for our plugin of jPlayer. Actually it is one skin in a light and dark flavour inspired a little by Youtube (click to enlarge): 


Differently to the two standard jPlayer skins they support a few more player sizes:

  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
Both themes are sort of responsive regarding the width. The skins are included in the Zenphoto release package's jplayer plugin but can of course be used outside of Zenphoto as well. 
(Ignore the button below - it has no purpose here)


Use to insert the Google Webmaster Tools verification meta tag into your site pages.


Tries to authorize user based on Apache HTTP authenitcation credentials

The PHP_AUTH_USER is mapped to a Zenphoto user the PHP_AUTH_PW must be in cleartext and match the Zenphoto user's password (If the User validation is set to trusted the PHP_AUTH_PW password will be ignored and need not be cleartext.)

Note that the HTTP logins are outside of Zenphoto so there is no security logging of them. Nor can Zenphoto "log off" the user. The normal logout links will not show for users logged in via this plugin.

Apache configuration:

  • Run the Apache htpasswd utility to create a password file containing your first user: path to apache executables htpasswd -cp path to apache folder passwords user1

    htpasswd will prompt you for the password. You can repeat the process for each additional user or you can simply edit the passwords file with a text editor.

    Each user/password must match to a Zenphoto user/password or access to Zenphoto will be at a guest level. If a user changes his password in Zenphoto someone must make the equivalent change in the Apache password file (...)


Note: The example macros in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid them being executed. On real usages there should be none.

Support for the jPlayer jQuery/Flash 2.0.0 multimedia player ( It will play natively via HTML5 in capable browser if the appropiate multimedia formats are provided.

Audio: .mp3, .m4a, .fla - Counterpart formats .oga and .webma supported (see note below!)
Video: .m4v/.mp4, .flv - Counterpart formats .ogv and .webmv supported (see note below!)


The counterpart formats are not valid formats for Zenphoto itself as that would confuse the management. Therefore these formats can be uploaded via ftp only. The files needed to have the same file name (beware the character case!). In single player usage the player will check via file system if a counterpart file exists and if counterpart support is enabled. NOTE: Counterpart format does not work correctly on playlists yet. Detailed reason: Priority solution setting must be "flash" as otherwise flv and fla will not work on some browsers like Safari. This in return disables counterpart support for ogg and webm files for some reason on Firefox). Since the flash fallback covers all (...)


SEO file/folder name clenser.

This plugin will scan your images and albums for file/folder names that are not SEO friendly. It will rename those that found needing improvement replacing offending characters with friendly equivalents.

Note: Clicking the button causes this process to execute. There is no undo.



This imports Wordpress pages, posts, categories and comments to Zenpage

Comparative review of Zenphoto and Piwigo

Of course we are well aware of our "competitors" and there is the right tool for anyone. So we don't want to withhold this comparitive review (although it is quite focussed on the Wordpress intregration part): 


Zenphoto 1.4.2

  • Requirements raised:
    • PHP 5+
    • MySQL 5+
  • Front-end editing has been removed. If you must use this feature, there is an unsupported plugin, front_end_edit to replace it.
  • Images from embeded meta thumbnails [sbillard,wildstray]
  • Pre-caching functions have been removed as unecessary. They are available in the unsupported plugin cacheimages [sbillard]
  • Dropdown quick links on the backend [acrylian, sbillard]
  • Performance improvements [sbillard]
  • Cookie security option [sbillard]
  • Additional Bulk actions [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Challenge/response password recovery [sbillard]
  • Ability to not (...)