HTML5Media plugin for video and audio handling for Zenphoto built from class-textobject.


This plugin gives Zenphoto something resembling the Flickr "photostream" functionality, displaying all recent images over a series of pages, no matter what album they belong to.


A list of cookies Zenphoto uses by default (you can also switch to use sessions)

used in the Effervescence+ theme if the Simpleviewer flash mode is selected
stores the upload method like http upload or multifile flash upload on the backend
stores the language selection
stores the zenphoto user login credentials
stores guest user gallery access credentias
stores guest user search access credentials
stores guest user image item access credentials
stores guest user album item access credentials
stores guest user category item access credentials
stores guest user page item access credentials
user login expiry setting
stores the view image sizes if using the viewer_size_images plugin
stores search parameters of the most recent search
stores the setting for the nested album list (...)

Back to top

This plugin prints a "Back To Top" link at the right buttom of your blog section. Of course you have to use the Zenpage plugin. The link will only be printed on the "news.php" and "pages.php" 


How to create custom TinyMCE configurations

  1. In the root plugins folder create a new folder called tinymce4
  2. Inside the new tinymce4 folder create a new folder called config
  3. Go to zp-core/zp-extensions/tinymce4/config and copy any or all of the existing config files to get you started.
  4. Note there are slight differences between config files for gallery items, Zenpage CMS items and comments.
  5. Place the copied files in your new /plugins/tinymce4/config/ folder
  6. Rename your copied config file(s) to something unique for each file, e.g. add a prefix like "my_" or anything else you wish to use.
  7. Open the new renamed config file and ensure the first javascript line is pointing to the correct location of the normal tinymce.min.js file, by default this should be <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo WEBPATH . "/" . ZENFOLDER . "/" . PLUGIN_FOLDER; ?>/tinymce4/tinymce.min.js"></script>
  8. Make any further edits you wish to make within the config file.
  9. If you want to use your own CSS file for the editor, replace the (...)

Permissions for Zenphoto files and folders

Zenphoto defaults the permissions for files and folders based on the file permissions of the /zp-core folder. This usually is the correct setting.

However some server configurations may not work with this setting. Setup will attempt to modify the permissions. If it is unable to do this you will have to manage the permissions manually.

Zenphoto requires these permissions to the following folders and all files and folders within:

  • /albums – Read access at least, for image uploading via the backend Zenphoto also needs write access naturally
  • /backupRead and write access (This folder is only used if you use the database backup utility Zenphoto provides)
  • /cache – Read and write access
  • /cache_html  – Read and write access
  • /plugins – Read access
  • (...)

Troubleshooting guide

We have restructured the troubleshooting guide a bit recently. This collector articlce is now obsolete. Please now use the category Troubleshooting itself to find related articles.


A plugin to generate a file download list. This download folder can be relative to your Zenphoto root (foldername) or external to it (../foldername). By default the uploaded folder is chosen so you can use the file manager to manage these files.

You can also override that folder by using the printdownloadList() function parameters directly. Additionally you can set a downloadlink to a specific file directly by using printDownloadLink(path-to-file);.

The file names and the download path of the items are stored with the number of downloads in the database's plugin_storage table.

The download link is something like: number of the download.

So the actual download source is not public. The list itself is generated directly from the file system. However, files which no longer exist are kept in the database for statistical reasons until you clear them manually via the statistics utility.

You will need to modify your theme to use this plugin. You can use the codeblock fields if your theme supports them or insert (...)


Overrides of the publish handling such that only a user with ADMIN_RIGHTS or MANAGE_ALL_object rights may mark an object published.



This plugin provides a facility to periodically run the Zenphoto backup utility. Use it to insure that database backups are done on a regular basis.

NOTE: The website must be visited for this plugin to be able to check if it is time to run. Inacative sites may not get backed up as frequently as the interval specifies. Of course, if the site is inactive, there probably is little need to do the backup in the first place.

Backups are run under the master administrator authority.