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Adding third party features to Zenphoto

In addition to theming, Zenphoto has a plugin architecture that lets third party developers add capability to the Gallery. In addition many of the standard features can be enhanced by the addition of specific files. As from Zenphoto release 1.2.7 we have separated as much as possible the standard Zenphoto files and scripts from ones that are otherwise provided.

As in the past, new themes can be added as folders in the root themes folder. With release 1.2.7 the plugins folder has been moved into the root. It is entirely for third party extensions to Zenphoto. Zenphoto standard plugins now reside in the zp-core/zp-extensions folder. You can now remove a few root files, the zp-core folder, and the theme folders of Zenphoto distributed (...)

New plugin: text watermark

Sbillard has just released plugin that will create simple text-based watermarks. It requires the nightly build/svn version of Zenphoto.
Although it is actually not a third party plugin it will not be included in the coming 1.2.7 release. It is provided "as is".

Download it here

Zenphoto and youtube videos

Formerly there was no easy way to manage files from video portals like youtube because Zenphoto is specifially meant to manage multimedia files on your own webspace. But good news, now with Zenphoto 1.2.6 there is indeed a way. Here is a short tutorial.

Little support available from 09/08 to 09/16

The Zenphoto team will be more or less unavailable to provide the usual fast support on the forum on these days.

Zenphoto 1.2.6 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of version 1.2.6. This release includes usual bug fixes and improvements, as well as improvements to the plugin architecture, full-sized image rotation, and more. See the changelog for more information.

Download 1.2.6 on the Home page

Zenphoto 1.2.6 RC2 ready for testing

We have just relased release candidate 2 of 1.2.6. Please test it thoroughly and report any bugs on trac as usual.

Download links: Zenphoto 1.2.6 RC2 (tar.gz) or (zip)

The changelog is still found here: Version 1.2.6 (RC1)

Zenphoto 1.2.6 RC1

The RC1 of 1.2.6 has been released for testing. You can download it here:

1.2.6 RC1 (Zip) or (Tar.gz)

Please note:With 1.2.6 Zenphoto raises its requirements! It now requires PHP 4.4.8 or above and MySQL 4 or above (PHP5+ or MySQL 5+ recommended). It still may work on older versions but we are not able to test or support those anymore.

Additionally, the version number of all distributed official plugins and themes now has been changed to reflect the release package version, in this case of course 1.2.6.

  • PHP5 error trapping (on PHP5 servers) [sbillard]
  • Image rotation for full images [sbillard]
  • Individual watermarks for albums [sbillard]
  • Resized images are left in their original type rather than converted to JPEG [sbillard]
  • Setup provides robot.txt file [sbillard]
  • New folder zp-data for (...)

Developer coding guidelines

Coding Style

A few rules:

  • Spaces should be used liberally. Eg: if($x == 2 || $y == 3) and not if($x==2||$y==3).
  • Indentation should be hard tabs, not space-emulated tabs.
  • Always use variable and function names that make sense and are self explanatory. Eg: $album_name and not $n
  • $underscored_variable_names are preferred. Global variables should always be named like $_zp_something
  • camelCaseFunctionNames() are preferred. Example: printImageTitle()
  • Try to make your function names "speaking", so the name says what it generally does.
  • Function that just get data without printing should be prefixed with a "get" and function that echo something with "print". Examples:
    • getImageTitle(): gets the title to be passed to a variable for processing.
    • printImageTitle(): echos the title directly.
  • Don't use PHP "short tags" like <? in themes and plugins whereas the correct syntax shoud be as they may not be usable on certain strict PHP (...)

Zenphoto 1.2.5 Out

The final version of Zenphoto 1.2.5 is out and ready. See the full changelog in the 1.2.5 post below, and download from the usual place on the front page. The SVN repository is tagged as well for those of you using that method.