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Advertising Terms Of Service


  1. We will accept advertisements by businesses only that are compatible with Zenphoto's values and goals. Consumers cannot advertise.
  2. You or your advertisement may not imply that your service or product is approved or recommended by the Zenphoto team.
  3. If you advertise a Zenphoto related service like hosting write our name correctly and use the official logos.


  1. The ads on the „hosting page“ appear in the order gold, silver and bronze categories.
  2. Several ads within each category are strictly sorted alphabetically by company name only. It is not possible to register a specific advertisement slot within a category.
  3. Only one ad per category per business allowed.
  4. Ad sizes and order may vary on browser window size on responsive web design.
  5. Ads are plain HTML and CSS based and hosted on our site. External files, scripts, widgets or any other possibly tracking facilities are not allowed. The link to your site may include a specific query to identify the source.


  1. You can only start your subscription with a full month.
  2. You can end your subscription any time to the last month of your chosen subscription rate. If we don’t hear from you your subscription renews automatically to the same rate.
  3. The prices listed on the advertisement page are applicable.


  1. We accept the following payment ways: PayPal, Bank transfer.
  2. The payment must be made in Euro.
  3. Payment for subscription rates half year and year are to be made in advance
  4. You will receive an PDF invoice via mail.


  1. The place of performance of the contract is the domicile of the site owner.
  2. The contract shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Advertisement categories

Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 450 EUR / month
  • Half year: 425 EUR / month*
  • Year: 405 EUR / month*


  • 275x130px
  • One ad per line
  • Maximum of two ads in this category
  • Location: Sidebar of each page incl. forum sidebar
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 250 EUR / month
  • Half year: 235 EUR / month*
  • Year: 225 EUR / month*


  • 560x130px
  • One ad per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 160 EUR / month
  • Half year: 150 EUR / month*
  • Year: 140 EUR / month*


  • 270x130px
  • Two ads per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 100 EUR / month
  • Half year: 92 EUR / month*
  • Year: 90 EUR / month*


  • 125x130px
  • Four ads per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 70 EUR / month
  • Half year: 65 EUR / month*
  • Year: 60 EUR / month*



If you like to advertise in more than one category we can offer individual bundle prices. Please contact us.

*subscription rate payable in advance

Please review our Advertising Terms Of Service before contacting us.