News: 2006-12

ZP 1.0.6

Following the mantra “Release early, release often” I’ve followed up 1.0.5 with (logically enough) 1.0.6! This release is small, but includes some good fixes for sorting, so I’m sure you want to upgrade!

On another note, I’ll be migrating to a VPS (“practically my own server”) hosting plan sometime this holiday season, so you might see some downtime, but probably not. Since I’m in no rush this time, the switch should be seamless. No rush also meant I could search and research (search again) all I wanted, and I believe I found a really great hosting company to stick with. One good sign is that they’re currently sold out, expecting more servers this week (so they don’t oversell, which is a Good Thing). After I get it set up, I’ll re-install Confluence and JIRA and Zenphoto will have its bug tracker and Wiki back up!

Go download 1.0.6! Install it! It’s (...)

Zenphoto 1.0.6

  • Bug: image sorting within albums fixed (getImageId() not found error). [trisweb]
  • Bug: image dimensions are now cached in the database again (no functional difference, but much faster). [trisweb]
  • Changed the default RewriteBase in .htaccess to /zenphoto to correspond with the default folder in the package. [trisweb]
  • Now detects changed images and reprocesses them if the cached versions are old. [trisweb]
  • When an image cannot be found/loaded, an error image is shown instead of no image (passing i.php?...&debug disables this and shows the error output) [trisweb]
  • Other minor bugfixes and code cleanups.

Zenphoto 1.0.5 Released

Just in case you don’t check the home page or forums, zenphoto 1.0.5 has been released with a ton of fixes (since 1.0.3). 1.0.5 was a quick fix for an overlooked little problem, all the real meat was in 1.0.4.

Big changes include:

  • Performance Improvements — lazy evaluation and some smart algorithms to sort the image array out of the database contribute to up to 12 times faster page processing in albums with lots of images.
  • Database Generalization — all data storage has been abstracted to a PersistentObject class, which the Image and Album classes inherit from. This reduces specific database calls, groups them together, and allows for easy addition of new classes and new database systems later on. This is a Good Thing.
  • New Themes included — I’ve included three new themes with the default release: Default Dark, Stoppeddesign, and Sterile. More choices! Yay.

The other big (...)

Zenphoto 1.0.5

  • 1.0.4 was littered with PHP short tags by accident (an SVN reversion somehow happened), now fixed. [trisweb]
  • No other changes.

Relevant links:

  • - Zenphoto 1.0.5 Released


Zenphoto 1.0.4

  • Backend performance improvements! Zenphoto is now up to 10 times faster at rendering album and image pages with extremely large albums, and at least three times as fast for moderately-sized ones. [trisweb]
  • Fixed bug where clicking the album or gallery in the breadcrumb would always go to page 1 [trisweb]
  • Fixed a bug with database constraint naming conflicts with multiple installations [trisweb]
  • Added an ini_set to try to adjust PHP's memory limit (may allow for larger images to be processed). [trisweb]
  • Better and more secure comment input filtering from the kses library. [Niels Leehneer]
  • Database access code abstracted and refactored. All (most) queries are now generalized through a new database class: PersistentObject. [trisweb]
  • Bugfixes in saving of "Place" field - formerly overwrote the title (oops) [trisweb]
  • Sub-albums half implemented (for TESTING ONLY). Use the Sub-Albums Test Theme to try (...)