User group management. You can create groups with common rights and assign users to the groups. Then you can alter these user's rights simply by changing the group rights.

Templates can also be used. The difference between a group and a template is that the latter simply sets the user rights one time. Afterwards the user is independent from the template.


This is Zenphoto's unified comment handling facility

Place a call on the function printCommentForm() in your script where you wish the comment items to appear.

The plugin uses zp-core/zp-extensions/comment_form/comment_form.php. However, you may override this form by placing a script of the same name in a similar folder in your theme. This will allow you to customize the appearance of the comments on your site.

There are several options to tune what the plugin will do.

generate BBcode

Print a link, which, when clicked, displays a ThickBox containing BBCode, for sharing in phpBB forums and such. The generated BBCode is of the form : [url=url_to_the_full_image][img]preview_img[/img][/url]
The preview image has a size of max 800pix (based on the largest side).


Supports files of the following types:

  • .txt
  • .htm
  • .html

The contents of these files are "dumpped" into a <span>...</span> sized to a 24x36 ratioed box based on your theme "image size" option. This has a class of "textobject" so it can be styled.

What this plugin really is for is to serve as a model of how a plugin can be made to handle file types that zenphoto does not handle natively.

Some key points to note:

  • The naming convention for these plugins is class-<handler class>.php.
  • The statement setting the plugin_is_filter variable must be near the front of the file. This is important as it is the indicator to the Zenphoto plugin loader to load the script at the same point that other object modules are loaded.
  • These objects are extension to the zenphoto "Image" class. This means they have all the properties of an image plus whatever you add. Of course you will need to override some of the image class functions to implement the functionality of your new class.
  • There is one VERY IMPORTANT method that (...)


Provides an example of the use of the custom data filters


Provides extensions to the image utilities to crop images.

Places an image crop button in the image utilities box of the images tab. Note: this plugin permanently changes the image. There is no undo.


Translates accented characters to unaccented ones.


Adds data to newly created images and albums.


Filters out images/albums from the filesystem lists.


Processes a new comment posting, sending the post to all who have previously commented. This is an example filter. It does not, for instance, check to see if a previous poster is also an admin receiving email notifications anyway.