Zenpage - a CMS plugin for Zenphoto: Out now!

One day after the release of Zenphoto 1.2.1 our team member acrylain finally can announce the initial release of Zenpage. Releasing at the same time was prevented by different time zones yesterday.

Here is the official release post: Download and more information also on the Zenpage project site:

Happy testing and hopefully an unsuccessful bug hunt!

Zenphoto 1.2.1

  • Numerous encoding fixes [krainbolt, sbillard]
  • Numerous translation (gettext strings) optimizations [sbillard, acrylian]
  • New plugins:
    • static_html_cache [acrylian, sbillard, trisweb]
    • contact_form [acrylian, sbillard]
    • paged thumbs navigation [acrylian, sbillard]
  • Separate theme translation capability [acrylian, sbillard]
  • The return of "partial match search of tags" [sbillard]
  • Memory limit fix [sbillard]
  • Setup improvements [sbillard]
  • Password authorization fixes [sbillard]
  • Transient images [sbillard]
  • Translations:
    • Spanish [mikeque, ballenato, carlosvarela]
    • Traditional Chinese [fatman]
    • Simplified Chinese [fatman]
    • French [fetard]
    • Italian [Iacopo Benesperi, Andrea Garelli]
    • Dutch [Vincent]
    • Serbian [JovanT]
    • Polish [mironb]
    • Japanese [momo-i]
    • German (polite "Sie" version) [acrylian]
  • Integrated support for the (...)

Simplified Chinese translation

Italian translation

Updated for Zenphoto 1.4.7 and it will be included in the next Zenphoto release as well.

Serbian translation

Polish translation

Japanese translation

Pre-announcement: Zenpage - a CMS plugin for Zenphoto

Some may heard of this side project our team member acrylian was working on for some time and a few of you even may already wait for it.

You can now watch a small fun pre-announcement teaser movie on Google video: or directly on

Sadly Google made the video a little too blurry but hopefully you get an idea of the coming real thing.

That will probably be within the next few days after some final testing, some doc writing and of course the setup of a project site under the above adress. Although Zenphoto contains some offical support for this plugin, it will not be included in the offical Zenphoto package and kept (...)

How to use the Dynamic Albums feature

Dynamic album basics

Albums in Zenphoto are physical and based on a folder on the file system. Dynamic albums are albums created dynamically based on a search, so technically a saved search. Therefore they update themselves if the search returns new results. Dynamic albums cannot have subalbums unless these are part of the search results. 

Dynamic albums are on the file system represented as a text file <albumname>.alb. The suffix is shown in the url if there is a physical album of the same name, otherwise the suffix is omitted (1.4.3).


Note that usage of dynamic albums requires Cookies to be enabled in the visitor's browser to (...)

Zenphoto Glossary

A little glossary to define a few terms regarding Zenphoto.

The administration backend of zenphoto
The actual collection of images (and movies) that are within a folder within the "albums" folder.
Albums folder
The "albums" folder is located in the root of the Zenphoto installation and contains the folders of the actual albums.
Album name / folder name
The folder name of the album on the filesystem. This is independed from the actual album title and used in URLs. For subalbums the name includes all parents (e.g. album1/subalbum1)
Album title
The title of the album you can enter on the backend. This is independed from the actual album name.
Album theme
A theme that is attached to a specific album. It is possible to use a different themes with each top level album instead of the same main theme for all. Bascially any theme can be used as an album theme.
Album thumb
A thumbnail representing the album. This is either chosen automatically or specifically set. Functions for album thumbs also support showing the lock image in case the album is protected.
Custom (theme) page (...)