Installation, Upgrading and Requirements

NOTE: There are a number of 3rd party install scripts available for Zenphoto (and other CMS). Scripts such as SimpleScripts version 3 execute each of the necessary Zenphoto setup steps and should produce indentical results as following the installation steps below. Others try to reproduce the end result of an installation. These latter may not reliably accomplish their goal and leave a flawed installation. We do not test these scripts and cannot provide support if their use causes Zenphoto problems.


  1. Download the latest version of Zenphoto.
  2. Extract the files to your computer then upload all files and folders as listed below to your web directory via FTP. You can upload them either in the root of your webspace or within a subfolder.
  3. Create a MySQL database. (Technically Zenphoto can do that but virtually no host allows this!)
  4. Navigate to your gallery. Example: if you uploaded in a subfolder (...)

Zenphoto's global variables

This list of all global variables Zenphoto uses internally can be useful for developing extra theme functions or plugins.

The usage of these is aimed at the more web developing experienced user as they primarily are to be used with the object model.

General Zenphoto globals

The list of installed locales
Used to cache the list of albums that an admin may administer
Cache of the admin users
Cache for the current album loop
Contains the album folder name (when it is internal to the Zenphoto installation.)
Cache of the tags used in a gallery. (Used in the Tag Strings case only, contains multiple copies of a tag.)
Cache for the current comment loop
Contains the error from the last comment post
Saves comment context from a post for restoration
Holds configuration information from the zp-config.php file. May be overridden by the $_zp_options array.
Cache of the tags with occurrence counts.

An overview of zenphoto users (Rights management)

Zenphoto has several classes of users. Each is endowed with different capabilities. This article provides an overview of the capabilities this user model provides.

Zenphoto users and user rights

Zenphoto users are granted rights when their user/password is assigned. This is done on the Options-User tab (Options-Admin-User tab if the user_groups plugin is enabled). The rights assigned control the privileges the user has.

  • General
    • Overview: Allows the user to view the admin overview page (OVERVIEW_RIGHTS)
    • User: Users must have this right to change their credentials (USER_RIGHTS)
    • Codeblock: Users with this right may edit codeblocks (CODEBLOCK_RIGHTS)
    • Options: Allows the user to make changes on the options tabs (OPTIONS_RIGHTS)
    • Admin: This is kind of a master privilege. A user with these (...)

Release of Zenphoto 1.1.7

The Zenphoto team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.7. This release includes many bug fixes from 1.1.6, with improvements especially in the localization libraries and translations. See the full changelog post for more information.

We hope you continue to enjoy Zenphoto!

Zenphoto 1.1.7

  • Translation support improved [sbillard, acrylian, trisweb]
    • French translation [fetard]
    • Dutch translation [Vincent]
    • Traditional Chinese translation [fatman]
    • German translation [acrylian]
  • Tag Management [sbillard]
  • Paging for image and comments admin pages [sbillard]
  • New distributed plugins
    • dynamic-locale [sbillard]
    • flv_playlist [acrylian, sbillard]
    • GoogleCheckout [mammlouk, sbillard]
    • tag_suggest [acrylian, sbillard]
    • user_logout [sbillard]
  • several bugfixes and improvements

Dutch translation

French translation

Traditional Chinese translation

German translation

Google group for zenphoto translators opened

We have opened a group for translators to inform you if we for example plan a new release so that the translations need to be updated or similar things regarding translations. Please sign in here: