Zenphoto 1.0.0 beta

    • Added Album sorting. Default is by filename, but you can drag and drop your preferred order manually. [luckyspin]
    • Added [refresh] link to Gallery stats, you can now manually reset your stats and clean up your DB tables. [trisweb]
    • Added Gallery sorting. Default is newest first, but you can drag and drop your preferred order. [luckyspin]
    • Added deletion of images and albums in admin. [trisweb]
    • Added email notification to the admin user when comments are posted. [luckyspin]
    • Admin: Created admin functions to clean up admin page(s). [luckyspin]
    • Admin: Created an upgrade page to migrate db tables to new schema. [luckyspin]
    • Admin: Spruced up some of the admin pages to their L&F was consistent. [luckyspin]
    • Improved path resolution; please report any bugs you run into! [trisweb]


    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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