Zenphoto 1.0.3 beta

    • Added more image size options to i.php (custom sizes and crops) [trisweb]
    • Added ability to get image size/orientation from a theme (see documentation) [trisweb]
    • Width and height attributes now filled in theme images (page loading looks much better) [trisweb]
    • Changed name of a function that conflicts with WordPress (is_valid_email) [trisweb]
    • Special characters in file and folder names should now work (with or without mod_rewrite) [trisweb]
    • Fixed several critical vulnerabilities and security issues. [trisweb]
    • Support for UTF-8 and any other desired character set added. [Niels Leehneer]
    • Added way for themes to have custom pages. Use index.php?p=page in your theme for access to /themes/yourtheme/page.php [trisweb]
    • Many other bugs fixed: View All


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