Zenphoto 1.0.8

    • Faster image loading by using the cached image path directly if the file exists. [trisweb]
    • Custom suffix for image pages (eg: /alb/img1.jpg » /alb/img1.jpg.php) Defaults to .php, is backward-compatible with older URLs by 301-redirect, and makes sense. #16 [trisweb]
    • Now compatible with PHP safe_mode restriction. [trisweb]
    • Fix for permissions wrongly set in cache folder (could not delete cached images). [trisweb]
    • Added optional Unsharp Mask for thumbnails, defaults to off. Config param: thumb_sharpen. [trisweb]
    • Refactored the way requests are handled. Split into 2 include files: controller.php and functions-controller.php. [trisweb]
    • mod_rewrite rules for sub-albums complete; works to infinite path depth. [trisweb]
    • Much improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - URLs are always 301-redirected to their single canonical form; #16 (custom suffix) fixes image pages not appearing in indexes. [trisweb]
    • Major code refactoring and reorganization. [trisweb]
    • Warning if you use the default password. [Chris S.]
    • Better filtering of the album folder/image filename to avoid duplicate database entries. [trisweb]
    • Collected garbage in garbage collection methods. Fixed several bugs. [trisweb]
    • - Fixed a bug with the image suffix as '.php' [trisweb]

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