Support for the Flowplayer jQuery/Flash 5 video player. It will play video natively via HTML5 in capable browser if the appropiate multimedia formats are provided. The player size is responsive to the browser size. This is an adaption of the existing jPlayer plugin.

This plugin does not play audio files.

Showcase and 3rd theme updates (June 17th 2014)

Theme zpFlowers gets update for Zenphoto 1.4.6

New on the showcase A site using a custom theme with Zenpage CMS plugin support:!

New team member!

We are happy to announce that Gjr, long time user and contributor since 2008 and best known for his themes, has decided to join the Zenphoto team officially. For the start we welcome him as a new forum moderator but there might be more in the future.

Response to Zenphoto Team Change

It is with many thanks and much respect that we part ways with our former contributor, Stephen Billard, who has surprisingly left the main Zenphoto project to take his efforts in another direction.

As an open source project, we embrace the idea of forking and making use of the code for any purpose, and we welcome Stephen's continued work on his branch. We will surely continue to collaborate and share resources for the near future, and we wish him the best of luck with his work. This type of thing happens from time to time, and we recognize Stephen for his contribution of more than 6 years. For more personal goodbyes, please visit this forum post from our core members.

That said, Stephen was certainly not the only contributor to Zenphoto, with 8 core team members and over 100 other contributors over the last 6 years. His departure marks a new direction for (...)

Czech translation

Zenphoto development team change

Some of you may remember several months ago that I had a disagreement with the management of and said I would no longer be a part of the organization. I did modify that position slightly out of concern for Zenphoto users. I agreed to stay on through the release of the 1.4 6 version of the software.

Well, that event has happened. I have not seen a change in the situation which would inspire me to stay with the organization, so as form now I dissolve my association with them. This means that I will not actively develop or support software provided by But it does not mean that I am abandoning the software.

For those who do not know the history of Zenphoto you can read about it here: I would like to help you read between the lines of this document. By September 2007 the initial development group had for all intents and purposes abandoned the software. They had made a good start, but failed to follow (...)

Unsupported themes updated for Zenphoto 1.4.6

We have updated the hosted and unsupported themes except zpGalleriffic which is partly broken because of dependencies on outdated JavaScript tools. 

The major work was done by fretzl with some additional work by acrylian and sbillard. Special thanks to arnaud for his help with the zpSkeleton theme.

As always you can get them on our unsupported repository. You have to download everything and only use what you like. Please note that there still might be issues. If you use these themes and notice issues feel free to report them on the issue tracker of the repository. Even more welcome would be contribution via pull requests.


Create default codeblocks.

Zenphoto 1.4.6


  • New template functions getHeadTitle() / printHeadTitle() to for usage within/for the HTML page's head [acrylian]
  • Improved 404 handling [sbillard]
  • imagick options to hint image sizes to better utilize server memory. [yaourt]
  • Various HTML validation issues on the backend corrected [acrylian, sbillard, sphoto]
  • New options for search pattern matching [sbillard]
  • Plugins may now "declare" deprecated functions. [sbillard]
  • Bulk options and edit links for images on the images order tab [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Backend pages now warn about possible unsaved data in forms if you try to leave a page [sbillard]
  • If you are using plugins with content macros that generate html, a conflict with TinyMCE's automatically wrapping everything using paragraphs could occur. Zenphoto now validates such html using the server side (...)


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