This python script will, when given correct paths and database information, iterate across all images in your zenphoto gallery and create cached thumbnails and other cached images for them, so it does not need to be done on the fly when the gallery is accessed.

It only caches needed sizes for the current theme and the admin theme, but you can use --themes to specify additional themes you need to cache sizes for.

Disqus Comment Form

Adds Disqus to Zenphoto. Can be configured to use SSO (single sign on) and Disqus comment count.

Third party theme zpBootstrap 2.0 update

Vincent4569 has updated his theme zpBootstrap and it is now also hosted on GitHub. Read more about the update here:

His other themes i-feel-dirty and zpArdoise are now also on GitHub. More info on his themes:

Site migration finally finished!

Things always take longer than expected. We have successfully finished moving the site to a new webhost. Besides quite some general time issues and administrative things behind the scenes, primarily regarding the new forum software, it took several days to transfer the domain.

New forum and new forum URL

The forum has been successfully migrated from the old standalone bbPress to Vanilla Forums. We chose this forum because it is actively maintained and also, more importantly, provided an official way to migrate even older bbPress versions like the one we used. The forum is now located on its own subdomain

Since it is not a relaunch (yet), we mimic the old forum theme as far as possible (Theming Vanilla is a bit less convenient than Zenphoto is ;-)). We have limited the categories (= sub forums) to a few we think make sense. Actually we never paid (...)

Site maintenance and forum migration

We are doing some site maintenance from today on possibly the next days which will cause some downtime on the site and especially the forum. It involves moving to another webhost and migrating the old bbPress standalone forum – sadly being turned into a WordPress plugin made this unusable for us – to a new forum software.

Since we are doing this literally in our spare time this might even take a few days just in case any issues occur. We hope not as tests worked well so far. If all works out you will not need to re-register on the new forum and be able to use your current credentials. 

If you subscribed to the forum via RSS please note that RSS url's will change. Additionally the url of the forum itself will change. We will post more about that later once we are done.


A Zenphoto plugin that provides a JSON REST API to retrieve albums and run searches. It's useful for building mobile apps and javascript-heavy web apps on top of Zenphoto. The API is read-only. It cannot create or modify albums or images.


Plugins for the Zenphoto open-source gallery that makes 404 pages more useful for end users. Contains two plugins:

  • redirect on 404: redirects the browser to the correct image or album if a matching item is found in the database.
  • search on 404: sarches for possibly related images or albums based on the current URLs

These plugins can be use separatly, or together.


Plugin for the Zenphoto open-source gallery that enables the Archive page to drill down to days, not just months


Plugin for the Zenphoto open-source gallery that generates a daily summary of image uploads.


Helper page for Zenphoto, enabling the geotagging of photos already uploaded to the gallery