Zenphoto 1.4.12

This is a bugfix and minor security release.


  • Fixes a RFI and – on older PHP versions – possible LFI security issues on log downloads on the backend [acrylian - Thanks to Tim Coen/Curesec]
  • Zenphoto now consequently generates urls with a trailing slash. That is basically any url except for the single image page which normally uses a suffix. The .htaccess file includes new lines to always direct to the trailing slash url to avoid duplicated content because url's without it will still work. If you are not on an Apache server (like Nginx) that does not support htaccess your might need to setup something on your server yourself [acrylian - Thanks to Simounet for the htaccess addition]
  • The admin toolbox you get on your site frontend in the top right corner if loggedin has been modified to a fullwidth toolbar now. The reason is that especially on mobile themes/ (...)

Third party theme: Paradigm 1.1 released

Olivier Ffrench has released an update of his responsive theme and also modified the look a bit. Take a look at the screenshots below or see the theme in action on his website.


Animation: Evolution of zenphoto (Gource Visualization)

Evolution of Zenphoto (Gource visualization)

Animated visualization since the move to GitHub 2011.

View on Youtube (Embedding not allowed sadly)

Author: Landon Wilkins

New in the showcase gallery: Genesis Farm and Gardens, Lorien Beijaert, The Outlook For Someday

Genesis Farm And Gardens
Genesis Farm And Gardens
Lorien Beijaert
Lorien Beijaert
The Outlook For Someday
The (...)

Tacocat Zenphoto REST API

The plugin has been updated and moved to 

New on the showcase gallery: Confluent, Florida Public Archaeology Network, Botshol Psychotherapie

Florida Public Archaeology Network – Destination: Civil War
Florida Public Archaeology Network – Destination: Civil War

WordPress plugin "ZenphotoPress" revived

The WordPress plugin "ZenphotoPress" by Alessandro Morandi (Simbul) to embed images from Zenphoto into WordPress posts had been abandoned for some years.

It now has been revived by mrskhris and just got it first update. You find it as usual on the WordPress plugin repository:

Season's Greetings from Zenphoto

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season and a new year full of good luck and happiness (and beautiful photos) for you and your loved ones. 

—The Zenphoto Team


P.S. – Keep watching this space! 2016 is going to be a good year for Zenphoto.

New in the showcase gallery: Bridge To The Stars; Chell's Roost; SanArena Rettungsschule


Zenphoto plugin to add Google's noCaptcha-reCaptcha functionality to forms.

This plugin has been adapted to the officially include reCaptcha plugin.