A plugin for displaying OpenStreetMap based maps using LeafletJS with the embeded geo coordinates of an image or the images of an album as markers. Alternatively you can also create custom maps with markers.

zpBase theme and Zenphoto 1.4.7

zpBase is generally compatible with 1.4.7 but because it made direct use of an now obsolete internal function of the print_album_menu plugin you need to download the theme's master (not 1.0 from the "releases") from its Github page for Zenphoto 1.4.7:

Zenphoto 1.4.7

Developers' notes

We are sorry that it took longer for this bugfix release than usual. Those who follow us regulary may know about a certain reconsolidation last year. Also we are preparing the next major release behind the scenes already as we hinted on the forum a while ago. We are all doing this in our spare time so we may release less often than before from now on.

Version numbering change

This is a bugfix and security release. We follow more or less semantic major.minor.bugfix version numbering from now on. This release would have been following the former numbering.

We may also add minor features if they don't break any existing functionality. This can be simple additional plugin options like the Zenpage ones listed below or things that were actually correct but behaved weird. We think it is better to add these small things rather than to "spare" for some time later.

General fixes

  • Bug fixed that (...)

zpBootstrap theme update for 1.4.6

Vincent Bourganel has updated his zpBootstrap theme with new plugin support and some improvements. More info here: 

Ralf Kerkhoff's Zenphoto tips

Our user Ralf Kerkhoff every now and then posts Zenphoto tips on his site. They are even bilingual in German and English which makes this also a nice showcase of Zenphoto's multilingual capabilities. Take a look:

Lightroom 5 Publishing Service

A Lightroom 5 publishing service tool based on the Lightroom 3+4 tool updated for Lightroom 5 by Ralf Kerkhoff.

Norwegian translation

3rd party Lightroom Publishing Service update for Lightroom 5

Ralf Kerkhoff has updated the Lightroom Publishing Service plugin that hasn't been updated for almost two years to work with Lightroom 5. You find it on his site (German) and he also posted about it on the forum in English.

Lighttpd Rewrite Rules

Zenphoto rewrite rules for Lighttpd works similarly to NGINX rewrite rules. Most URL resources are passed directly to index.php for processing.


A Zenphoto plugin for keyboard navigation using the left/right arrows for gallery/album pages, single image pages, news index/categories and single news articles pages. On single image pages the up arrow key also takes back to the album.

Note: This only works correctly with themes following the standard theme structure.

Inspired by Laurent Marineau's plugin though no adaption.