Zenphoto Gallery

Zenphoto Gallery allows to use Zenphoto albums in WordPress posts. Other plugins need access to Zenphoto's database, not so this one. Given a JSON frontend to Zenphoto's RSS facilities (included), Zenphoto Gallery pulls the images from both the general images feed and album feeds. It also provides some means to customize gallery layout and behaviour.

Zenphoto 1.3.1

  • Security enhancements [sbillard]
    Note particularly that the "Ajax" editing on the front end is disabled by default. It may be enabled from the gallery options tab. In addition, the new album and delete links in the Admin Toolbox will be absent unless
    gallery sessions are enabled.
  • File manager moved from button on Zenpage admin pages to a subtab of the upload tab for IE compatibility reasons [sbillard]
  • Rights refinements for managed albums [sbillard]
  • Several Imagick improvements [sbillard, kagutsuchi]
  • Admin bulk checkbox actions for albums, images, comments [acrylian, sbillard]
  • Several RSS improvements [acrylian]
  • RSS-comments feed now also covers Zenpage item comments (rss-news-comments.php has been removed) [acrylian]
  • Codeblocks for albums and images [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Plugins
    • Security (...)

KeyBoard plugin

Enables image page next/previous image navigation using the left/right arrow keyboard keys.

Precache script

It is a combination of Python's os module and the fabulous ImageMagick suite. This will precache 25 pictures (only jpg) for which no small thumbnail exists and make a thumbnail and a smaller image for it.

Archive calendar

This plug-in is designed to be used in the archive page, but can be displayed on any page. The plug-in has two display modes: monthly and yearly.

Important note regarding recent spam posts on the forum [Update]

The last days we suffered an annoying flood of spam posts that were pretending interesst. However, their only reason was to gain SEO ranking via the website link that can be attached to the forum profile on our "cost".

It is hard to tell what post are actually serious and we have no time or motivation to check every poster's profile. Therefore we have now disabled the display of any website link attached to your profiles.

Since the danger is that we ignore serious posts or accidentally delete them please make your posts explicit so we can see that you have real interesst.

Thanks for understanding.

Also please note that we WILL delete vaccuous comment posts as those are likely to be from these spammers. If you wish your post to stay, say something real.

Additionally we have now also disabled the public display of the forum profiles as we noted that spammers link to those via (...)

Zenphoto and Youtube API integration

As previously posted a while back it is possible to use Youtube videos (or of any other similar service) with Zenphoto with a little trick via the text-object plugin.

timgraham has now made a different, interessting attempt using the Youtube API that requires theme modification though.  Maybe someone would like to make this a plugin as timgraham suggests himself.


This plugin is a combination of many of the Facebook social plugins implemented for easy use in your Zenphoto gallery. Simply set the options in the admin interface and make the appropriate template changes to place the Facebook features/integration you'd like. This plugin also creates all the proper Open Graph meta tags so that your site "looks pretty" when seen on Facebook wall posts, etc.

Zenphoto 1.3

IMPORTANT: Beginning with this release we are skipping testing for PHP 4 and MySQL 4. We do all developing on PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5.0+. We will not deliberately invalidate using these older versions; however, we are are not able to test on the older software versions anymore due to a lack of resources. Thanks for understanding. Let us know on the forum and bugtracker if serious problems surface.

  • Imagick support [kagutsuchi - very special thanks for helping us getting this finally done!]
  • Plugins
    • Menu manager [sbillard, acrylian]
    • Quota manager [sbillard]
    • Image upload limiter [acrylian - partly sponsored by saundstu]
    • Hitcounter (now a plugin) [sbillard]
    • Tags from album [acrylian]
    • seo_locale [sbillard]
    • Sitemap extended [acrylian, based on previous work by Tenzer and timo, with contribution by Blue Dragonfly] (...)

(The first) 5 years of Zenphoto!

Please note: The original blog is not active anymore, thus all links are broken. All contents have been moved to's news section so far possible.


Yeah, you read correctly. Zenphoto has been around for five years now. We can't quite believe it ourselves and are glad that we managed the important 1.3 release for Zenphoto's birthday.

Let us take a quick look at how it all started:

On April 24, 2005 Zenphoto's original developer, Tristan Harward, posted the ambitious idea of "Reinventing the photo (...)