Zenphoto external thumb

Features: Retrieves images from the gallery based on the image filename. So you can move the image around between albums, move the parent album around, or whatever and not have to change the old thumbnail link. (…)

Zenphoto Single-Login

I have created this hack to cater to people who wish to provide a custom login for users which will take them directly to the albums they are allowed to view and/or administrate. This need was suggested on the forums in the thread Linking my (…)

Random Image for external site

Put the file in your zenphoto/zp-core/random.php To call from another PHP @readfile(' num=9&height=50&width=50&class=one-image') The above mean return 9 random images (…)

RSS feed which groups photos

The idea is to group together in the same rss entry all the photos that have been added at the same time in the same album. Photos are browsed by decreasing mtime (=upload date, because id doesn't seem to be very reliable), and every time the (…)

eAccelerator caching

a. Reduce load on the DB server This is based on the caching technique described on We'll use eAccelerator shm cache instead of storing the query results on disk. 1. Edit the functions-db.php (…)

Server side optimization

Database result cache As we know, the database will use many resource and time to query the information of Image. If we want to save time, we could do optimization with cache the result. What I use is two functions, you could use (…)

Client side optimization

As per yahoo! optimization guidelines for making Zenphoto faster at client-side, here are some hacks. FIRST: Edit .htaccsss file and (…)

Flickr importer

This script grabs the photos and meta data and creates albums in Zenphoto and entries in the appropriate tables.

e107 autogallery to Zenphoto migration

A tutorial from 2008 to migrated from the autogallery plugin of the CMS e107 (…)

Coppermine to Zenphoto import

A very basic script in Perl that will copy over Metadata from Coppermine to Zenphoto. The data is keyed on filename, so it is assumed that you have unique filenames in your albums.