Google reverse geocode

This Zenphoto Plugin reverses geocodes images with GPS data using Google's Geocode API. Reverse geocoding is the process of back (reverse) coding of a point location (latitude, longitude) to a readable address or place name. The address components will populate the locationcitystate and country fields in the database, all multilingual.

Showcase changes (4-22-2012)

Showcase site entries are now (roughly) tagged about how the sites use Zenphoto, e.g. standalone or in combination with others.


This is meant to give especially new visitors and users a guide what is possible with Zenphoto beyond being just a photo gallery.

The myth of Zenphoto being dead

Recently this "myth" was discussed a little on Twitter. We wondered as well. The reason was actually just our logo and the 5th anniversary button we used since 2010 being misunderstood:


The reports of our death are of course greatly exaggerated. We are alive and kicking as our site and forum show! We are on to our 10th year (we will get you, Piwigo!..;-)) and hopefully many more. Therefore we now changed that button text to be clear about that!

Btw, in case you didn't know, you can download our logo in several variants to spread the word about us, too.

So (...)

Legacy RSS redirections to be removed in Zenphoto 1.4.3 [Update]

We earlier forgot to mention that in 1.4.3 the rss handling is changed a little more. Sorry for that. Here is the updated post. 

The rss links had been changed in Zenphoto 1.4 over a year ago and the 1.4.2.x .htaccess file still contains RSS redirections so these still work. In 1.4.3 the rss links will change again due to internal handling and performance reasons (RSS handling has completely been revamped for performance and support reasons):

  • /rss.php > /index.php?rss (1.4.) > /index.php?rss (1.4.3)
  • /rss-comments.php > /index.php?rss-comments (1.4.) > /index?rss=comments (1.4.3)
  • / (...)


Zenphoto is a bugfix and security release of the recent 1.4.2 branch. 

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more information.

Zenphoto now on Facebook and Google+

Additionally to Twitter you can now also get the latest Zenphoto news on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

The center of support will remain the forum and bugtracker - but feel free to like or circle us as you like!

Announcing the Zenphoto sponsor program

The Zenphoto team likes to announce the Zenphoto Sponsors program. Bascially it is  advertising but we don't call it that. Sponsors support Zenphoto and help us continue our development. As you know we all are volunteers and we currently can hardly cover our servers costs (which is the serious background behind this year's April Fools' Joke).

If you like Zenphoto, run a web related business and would like to become a Zenphoto sponsor please visit our sponsor information page. Donations or contributions are of course also always welcome.

Zenphoto hosting

The new Zenphoto headquarters
The new Zenphoto headquarters
Photo: Coolcaesar at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Note: This of course was our April Fools Joke.

The Zenphoto team is pleased that a new opportunity has arisen for bettering our customer experience. Huge donations over the past years provided us with the backing funds to found a new company, Zenphoto Inc., and launch Zenphoto Hosting. 

What is Zenphoto Hosting? Well, first a little background. Those of you who frequent (...)


Zenphoto is a bugfix and security release of the recent 1.4.2 branch. 

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more information.

Theme section changes (Feb 2012)

There have been some small changes to our theme's section recently that might be interessting to note.

Removed themes

We sadly had to remove the following 3rd party themes:

  • Mosaic: It is still listed on its site but the download links are broken. We will check and if it is fixed we will list it again.
  • Silhouette: Not provided anymore
  • The life in blue: Not provided anymore
  • The life is social: Not provided anymore
  • zpGalleriffic 1.0: Not provided anymore (there is a newer zpGallerffic 1.4 though)

Although we have copies of (some of) the themes we don't choose to provide them as hosted but unsupported 3rd party themes for now as we do with some other abandoned ones. Especially as some of the authors still provide other themes.

Supported plugins listed

Also new is that all theme entries now list (...)