Zenphoto Shorttags

Zenphoto Shorttags for WordPress is a minimalistic plugin that adds the following shorttags for you to use in Wordpress posts and pages:
[zenphoto src="filename.jpg" width="600" album="album/subalbum"]

The plugin adds an options page which allows you to specify the URL to your Zenphoto installation.

Zenphoto Single Sign-On

The plugin is hopefully pretty self-explanatory:

  • When you log in to Wordpress, you are auto-logged in to ZenPhoto.
  • When you log out of Wordpress, you are auto-logged out of ZenPhoto.
  • No changes are required to your Zenphoto installation--the plugin is completely self-contained.
  • You can even log in and out of Zenphoto separately from Wordpress if you wish (although logging in/out of Wordpress will override the login state of Zenphoto)

Zenphoto Wordpress Tools

At the moment a very basic WordPress plugin allowing you to insert a user defined number of latest thumbnails from your Zenphoto gallery into a Wordpress template. To show your latest thumbnails just include <?php zenphotos($max, $zen_extra_before, $zen_extra_after); ?> into your wordpress template where you want them to be seen.

$max is the max number of thumbs you want to be shown, by default this is set to 4 and in DESC order (from new to old)
$zen_extra_before and $zen_extra_after are by default empty, however when filled zen_extra_before will be outputted in front of each image and zen_extra_after, after each image incase you need some form of extra formatting.

Zenphoto Recent Comments

This simple WP plugin will show Zenphoto's Most Recent Comments to your WordPress. Most of the codes here are from Zenphoto. To show Zenphoto's Recent Comments just put <?php zenphoto_recent_comments(); ?> in your WP template. The plugin is easy to use. Readme.txt is included.


Zenshow is a plugin for WordPress. It is designed to provide an easy way to include Zenphoto images into your blog index page. Zenshow works with pretty much all versions of Zenphoto.

NOTE: although the current version 1.4 works with previous Zenphoto versions, 1.4 has been modified by Thinkdreams to support the new 1.1.2 version of Zenphoto and is located below in the attachment list for easy download.

Version 1.4.1 has fixes by Samuel Goldstein (libelle) for (a) Proper UI refreshing when updating plugin choices. (b) Replacing the db password in plain text with asterisks. (c) Thumbnail size values adhering to what the user enters. You'll need to rename the attachment at the bottom of this page from zenshow.2.php to zenshow.php.


ZENpressed is a ZENphoto-integration-plugin for WordPress based on ZenShow by Rui Cruz and the old ZENphoto-insert-plugin and inspired by the simple mp3 player plugin on how to do the Quicktag.


Zenphotopress is a plugin for WordPress. It is designed to provide an easy way to include Zenphoto images into your blog posts.

There is a forum post regarding ZenphotoPress here. This is where you can go for more information and support. "Simbul" keeps an eye on this topic.


A Wordpress 2.2.3 widget that shows the latest additions to Zenphoto in the sidebar.


This is an extension for Wordpress to integrate Zenphoto into your Wordpress installation. It required ZenPhoto installed on the same server and very easy to install (thanks to Wordpress easy plug-in system).

Zenphoto external thumb


  • Retrieves images from the gallery based on the image filename. So you can move the image around between albums, move the parent album around, or whatever and not have to change the old thumbnail link.
  • Returns thumbnails in a default size or any requested size.
  • Will return a JSON object for integration into whatever web application you decide to write. It uses a server-side proxy to retrieve the data; so it should be safe against XSS injection.


  • Requires a *NIX host. The script relies on the find utility.
  • Has some hard coded paths at the moment.

You can see an example of the script in action at