Functions guide finally available

Nearly in time for the New Year we finally managed to get up a proper functions guide that now replaces the old version on Trac. It's generated using (…)

Vote for your favorite feature!

Since zenphoto relies heavily on its community, we have added a poll on our news section for you to vote what new features you would like to see in future versions of zenPhoto. We only list feature requests that have tickets posted on (…)

Zenphoto 1.1.3

Integrated setup and upgrade, makes both easier [sbillard] Setup now performs a system setup, corrects many issues on its own, otherwise lets you know what to fix [sbillard] Password protection for gallery/albums [sbillard] (…)

Welcome to the new zenphoto site!

Zenphoto 1.1.2

Fixed significant bug that forced usuers to manually make the options table [trisweb, sbillard] Full list of resolved issues on Trac  

Zenphoto 1.1.1

Simplified the install process by getting rid of a lot of the fields in zp-config.php [sbillard] Email your password from the admin login [sbillard] Ability to sort in ascending or descending [sbillard] (…)

Zenphoto 1.1

Subalbum administration including ordering, deleting, editing, uploading, etc. #6 [sbillard, trisweb] Subalbum paging. #2 [sbillard] (…)

Zenphoto dynamic theme concept

I started working on a Zenphoto theme to sort of mimic the performance of Google’s Picasa Web Albums service (which is very nice, and was recently upgraded to 1 GB of free storage, see my public (…)


Zenphoto was released quietly yesterday. Yep, there’s a .2 after that! Like you’d expect from software released without unit testing, we encountered several little bugs in the 1.0.8 version, followed by another bug in, hence, 1.0 (…)

Zenphoto 1.0.8

Faster image loading by using the cached image path directly if the file exists. [trisweb] Custom suffix for image pages (eg: /alb/img1.jpg » /alb/img1.jpg.php) Defaults to .php, is backward (…)