Allow the site viewer to select a localization (language). Only the zp-core and theme gettext() strings are localized by this facility. If you want to support image descriptions, etc. in multiple languages you will have to enable (…)


Support for allowing visitors to register to access your site. Users registering are verified via an e-mail to insure the validity of the e-mail address they provide. Options are provided for setting the required registration details and the (…)


Provide JavaScript tag "suggestions" based on Remy Sharp's jQuery Tag Suggestion plugin. Activate the plugin and the feature is available on the theme's search field. (…)


zenPayPal -- Paypal Integration for Zenphoto.


Note: The example macro in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid it being executed. On real usages there should be none. Supports (…)


Adds a link to allow requesting a single image print through Shutterfly.


Supports a rating system for images, albums, pages, and news articles using the Star Rating Plugin by (…)


Prints a list of all albums context sensitive. Menu types: list for HTML list list-top for only the top level albums omit-top (…)


Support functions for "statistics" about images and albums. Supports such statistics as "most popular", "latest", "top rated", etc. CAUTION: The usage to get an specific album has changed. You now have to pass the (…)


GoogleCheckout Integration for Zenphoto.