Note: The example macro in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid it being executed. On real usages there should be none.

Supports showing slideshows of images.

  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_size' -- Size of the images
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_mode' -- The player to be used
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_effect' -- The cycle effect
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_speed' -- How fast it runs
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_timeout' -- Transition time
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_showdesc' -- Allows the show to display image descriptions

The theme files slideshow.php, slideshow.css, and slideshow-controls.png must reside in the theme folder. If you are creating a custom theme, copy these files form the "default" theme of the (...)


Adds a link to allow requesting a single image print through Shutterfly.


Supports a rating system for images, albums, pages, and news articles using the Star Rating Plugin by

An option exists to allow viewers to recast their votes. If not set, a viewer may vote only one time and may not change his mind.

Customize the stars by placing a modified copy of jquery.rating.css in your theme folder.

Legal note: Use the Disguise IP option if your country considers IP tracking a privacy violation.



Prints a list of all albums context sensitive.

Menu types:

  • list for HTML list
  • list-top for only the top level albums
  • omit-top same as list, but the first level of albums is omitted
  • list-sub lists the offspring level of subalbums for the current album
  • jump dropdown menu of all albums(not context sensitive)

Call the function printAlbumMenu() at the point where you want the menu to appear.



Support functions for "statistics" about images and albums.

Supports such statistics as "most popular", "latest", "top rated", etc.

CAUTION: The usage to get an specific album has changed. You now have to pass the foldername of an album instead the album title.



GoogleCheckout Integration for Zenphoto.


Enable FLV player 4.x to handle multimedia files. IMPORTANT: Only one multimedia player plugin can be enabled at the time.

Also this now incorporates the former separate flv_playlist plugin to show the content of an media album with .flv/.mp4/.mp3 movie/audio files as a playlist or as separate players with flv player.
NOTE: The reason this plugin was removed from the official release is incompatible licencing. Please see JW Player for more info about the player and its licence.


Support for the flowplayer 3.x.x flash video player. Now incorporates the former separate flowplayer3_playlist plugin. NOTE: Flash players do not support external albums!

Note on splash images: Flowplayer will try to use the first frame of a movie as a splash image or a videothumb if existing.

The playlist part of the plugin supports custom CSS styling. You may override the default by placing a CSS file your theme folder: flowplayer3_playlist.css or alternativels within the user plugins folder /flowplayer3/flowplayer3_playlist.css This will allow you to customize the appearance of the comments on your site.

Flowplayer (v2.x)

Enable flowplayer 2.x to handle multimedia files. IMPORTANT: Only one multimedia player plugin can be enabled at the time.

Please see for more info about the player and its licence.

Integrating Zenphoto into WordPress Tutorials

Please note: These are older third party tutorials we don't know or test if they still work.

A collection of various third party tutorials and articles :