Another Teaser

Needless to say, school has started and like I knew all along, development on ZP has slowed. I swear I want to get this first release out soon, but I just can’t make promises anymore. I have so many other things which are so unfortunately more (…)

Update on zenphoto

Joen’s theme for the upcoming zenphoto is complete, so check out his post on the usability and design strategies he incorporated into it. I figured I should show it in action, (…)

Zenphoto 0.5.0

Admin/Themes: New tab "Options" contains the theme switcher. Better comment validation (only allows tags specified in a list in config.php) Themes: Added a 'theme.txt' definition file and parser. Theme metadata is now (…)

Zenphoto 0.5 – “Almost Ready”

I’ve been working hard on the list, and I do believe I’ve got everything I wanted for 1.0 in. So what are we waiting for? I don’t have internet. I’m working internetless, and then borrowing some poor soul’s wireless connection from the (…)

Zenphoto 0.4.0

Admin section: Added javascript image-enlargement while editing (click the image to enlarge). Implemeted themes. Add themes in new directories in /themes, switch themes with the 'theme' var in config.php Converted 2 (…)

Zenphoto 0.3.6

Admin section: All comment functionality (edit/delete/view/respond). Admin section complete except for deletion of images. Possibly leaving for apres-1.0  

Back from vacation

Just got back from a wonderful camping trip in Yosemite tonight. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and some of that thinking was about zenphoto, photography, and how they fit together for me. I’ve read all the comments on the last post and I’ll (…)

zenphoto 0.3.5 – “admin/1234″

Before I go off on vacation (camping in Yosemite NP; Tuolumne Meadows, not the overcrowded valley) I thought I’d post another demo. This time, I’m mainly showing off the (…)

Zenphoto 0.3.5

Admin section: Intuitive Javascript validation of album uploads. Admin section: Delete buttons and actions. (Test Version: Uploads and deletes are disabled for the public.)  

Zenphoto 0.3.4

Admin section: Upload interface. Admin section: Upload file handling (all image types *plus* ZIP files).