Zenphoto status

I’ve been working on it all weekend. I’m still in the first stages, but I’ve finished all image functions, including that spiffy size-in-the-url resizer feature. In fact, that went so well, I made all images in the program use it, which means every image displayed is actually proxied through a PHP script (i.php to be specific). It took some work, but I’ve got it caching images after processing, and sending the right headers so the user’s browser always caches it locally. That makes it behave exactly like a normal image. With mod_rewrite on, you won’t notice a difference.

If you would like a sneak preview of the horrible-looking version .01 alpha, leave a comment with your email and I’ll send you a link. I’m afraid of it being somehow insecure at this stage. In fact, I just thought of two vulnerabilities while writing that sentence. So leave me your email and if I trust you I’ll send you a link :-)

What I’ve done so far:

  • Directory traversals (...)

Zenphoto announcement

This is the official announcement for the start of development of zenphoto, a new, better, simpler, more useful, open-sourced, and overhyped personal web photo album app.

Read the full announcement and preliminary specifications (PDF, 63k).

Keep in mind that I’m very open to comments — I’m building this for you, so I want your ideas and feedback!

So it begins…