Zenphoto 0.5 – “Almost Ready”

I’ve been working hard on the list, and I do believe I’ve got everything I wanted for 1.0 in. So what are we waiting for? I don’t have internet. I’m working internetless, and then borrowing some poor soul’s wireless connection from the (…)

Zenphoto 0.4.0

Admin section: Added javascript image-enlargement while editing (click the image to enlarge). Implemeted themes. Add themes in new directories in /themes, switch themes with the 'theme' var in config.php Converted 2 (…)

Zenphoto 0.3.6

Admin section: All comment functionality (edit/delete/view/respond). Admin section complete except for deletion of images. Possibly leaving for apres-1.0  

Back from vacation

Just got back from a wonderful camping trip in Yosemite tonight. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and some of that thinking was about zenphoto, photography, and how they fit together for me. I’ve read all the comments on the last post and I’ll (…)

zenphoto 0.3.5 – “admin/1234″

Before I go off on vacation (camping in Yosemite NP; Tuolumne Meadows, not the overcrowded valley) I thought I’d post another demo. This time, I’m mainly showing off the (…)

Zenphoto 0.3.5

Admin section: Intuitive Javascript validation of album uploads. Admin section: Delete buttons and actions. (Test Version: Uploads and deletes are disabled for the public.)  

Zenphoto 0.3.4

Admin section: Upload interface. Admin section: Upload file handling (all image types *plus* ZIP files).  

Zenphoto 0.3.3

Admin section - overview page basic layout (10 comments, links, etc) Admin section - mass-edit albums and images complete.  

Zenphoto 0.3.2

Comments error more gracefully; removed saved comment info from the template. Administration section design complete. Login logic, authentication complete (login at /zp/admin/) AJAX in main gallery only works (…)

Zenphoto 0.3.1

Fixed bug with AJAX editing and PHP magic_quotes_gpc Refactored config to use an array and getter function instead of global variables.