Zenphoto 0.1.2

Pagination: Template functions to get/print links to next/prev page based on context, and to any page given its number. Improved album/gallery links: now point to the page where the current element resides (eg: the Albumlink for (…)

Zenphoto 0.1.1

mod_rewrite rules written (cruft-free URLs) Class functions to save new metadata to the database Lots of small bugfixes Relevant links: - zenphoto 0.11 (…)

Zenphoto 0.11 – “cruft free”

The point: You’ll never have to resize images again. 0.11 Demo Gallery Feel free to play with the URLs and make your own sizes, but please, (…)

Zenphoto 0.1 preview

I’m not making the source available just yet, but here’s a preview. zenphoto 0.1 test gallery Right now, it’s a fully navigable gallery, with full on-the-fly (…)

Zenphoto status

I’ve been working on it all weekend. I’m still in the first stages, but I’ve finished all image functions, including that spiffy size-in-the-url resizer feature. In fact, that went so well, I made all images in the program use it, which means (…)

Zenphoto announcement

This is the official announcement for the start of development of zenphoto, a new, better, simpler, more useful, open-sourced, and overhyped personal web photo album app. Read (…)