Zenphoto 0.8.1, 0.8.2

  • Fixed bugs in setup script causing instructions not to be shown.
  • (Note: 0.8.2 was a fix for a syntax error in 0.8.1 that I hope no one saw)


Zenphoto 0.8.0 (Developer Release)

  • Finalized default theme.
  • Admin: Added ability to choose which image to use for the album thumbnail.
  • More bugfixes.

Relevant links:

  • - zenphoto 0.8 developer release


Zenphoto 0.8 beta developer release!

Available at

Wow that felt good. It took me a while to realize what I was actually doing, but then when I uploaded the front page of and looked at the domain in the address bar, it hit me.

It’s not 100% as complete as I wanted for 1.0, but it’s pretty darn good, and definately good enough to use and to start making themes for. Speaking of which, theme developers: I’ll have some documentation up soon, but until then, just look at how the two included themes are built and you should be able to figure it out. If you know PHP, the template-functions.php will be good to look at.

So, with that, I leave it to you. Remember that this is a developer release, and as such I won’t be supporting it much. I’m trying to get a support forum set up so you can help each other out.

If you get it installed and working, leave a comment here with a link (if you want) and a (...)

Zenphoto 0.6.0

  • Admin: Checked-in Joen's design.
  • Default Theme: new RC from Joen; for admins, added "edit comment" and "admin" links.
  • Default Theme: gave all thumbnails width/height so floating DIVs line up properly before load.
  • Many small changes and bugfixes.


Another Teaser

Needless to say, school has started and like I knew all along, development on ZP has slowed. I swear I want to get this first release out soon, but I just can’t make promises anymore. I have so many other things which are so unfortunately more important.

That said, I have tomorrow off, so maybe I’ll finish it all.

I have made several updates, including the ability to select the thumbnail for the album from its images, with a preview in 100% CSS-styled listbox goodness. The preview doesn’t work in Internet Explorer, but frankly, neither should you.

Also included are all sorts of updates to the admin control panel from Joen which I forgot to include in the last version.

zenphoto 0.6.1 (admin)

Note: You may have to delete the zenphoto cookie from to log in, since I changed the cookie to remember multiple logins on multiple ZP installs on the same (...)

Update on zenphoto

Joen’s theme for the upcoming zenphoto is complete, so check out his post on the usability and design strategies he incorporated into it.

I figured I should show it in action, so I’ve uploaded the latest zenphoto to the usual place, which is full of some great new design.

No, it’s not done yet. Look, I’m on 0.6, and I’ve got 0.7-0.9 to go before I can call it 1.0! ;-) If you want to see exactly how much left there is, look at the list, and please tell me if there are things in for 1.0 you don’t care about so I can put them off until later.

Also, while I remember, I prefer the spelling “zenphoto”, though I really don’t care if you capitalize and add spaces.

Also, if you’re looking for an amazing new album to listen to, get Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens (...)

Zenphoto 0.5.0

  • Admin/Themes: New tab "Options" contains the theme switcher.
  • Better comment validation (only allows tags specified in a list in config.php)
  • Themes: Added a 'theme.txt' definition file and parser. Theme metadata is now set.
  • Themes: Added a 'theme.*' image, where * can be either gif, png, or jpg. Images must be 150x150 and should be a screenshot only; no text.
  • Added zen/setup.php - a setup script to make the database tables and give basic instructions.
  • Lots of bugfixes.

Relevant links:

  • - zenphoto 0.5 - "Almost Ready"


Zenphoto 0.5 – “Almost Ready”

I’ve been working hard on the list, and I do believe I’ve got everything I wanted for 1.0 in.

So what are we waiting for? I don’t have internet. I’m working internetless, and then borrowing some poor soul’s wireless connection from the other side of the house for e-mail and necessities.

We’re also waiting for Joen to finish his theme, which will be the one shipped as “default” with the 1.0 release. So put the pressure on over there!

For now, I invite you to take a look at the newest version, which is done enough for me to start using it. You’ll be particularly interested in the new “options” admin tab, with a theme switcher, with a first draft of the new default theme…

Zenphoto 0.5 (new photos from Yosemite)
Control Panel (user: admin, pass: 1234)

I left uploading on, but (...)

Zenphoto 0.4.0

  • Admin section: Added javascript image-enlargement while editing (click the image to enlarge).
  • Implemeted themes. Add themes in new directories in /themes, switch themes with the 'theme' var in config.php
  • Converted 2 current designs to themes ('default' (Joen's theme) and 'testing' (the old testing theme))


Zenphoto 0.3.6

  • Admin section: All comment functionality (edit/delete/view/respond).
  • Admin section complete except for deletion of images. Possibly leaving for apres-1.0