Using elFinder

Zenphoto features a file manager plugin named elFinder for files outside the gallery and its albums. To use it on content fields like descriptions etc. you also need to enable the TinyMCE plugin. On the elFinder (…)

Forum posts and new users deleted from today

Unfortunately we had to revert to a backup of the forum from last night.  If you signed up or posted in that time, your post or account may have been deleted. Very sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll try not to let it happen again! (…)


Zenphoto is a bugfix release. Multiple minor errors are corrected. As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. For more detailed info about the fixes please review the GitHub issues list. (…)

nginx rewrite rules tutorial

Rewrite rules for Zenphoto 1.4.5+ Nginx rules for Zenphoto 1.4.5 have been greatly simplified. In your server { } block, add: location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; } Or for a (…)


A Zenphoto plugin for the MediaElement.js HTML 5 video/audio player.


A Zenphoto plugin to embed maps from Google Maps or OpenStreetMap via content macros.


A plugin to embed content from various services via oEmbed using a content macro. An adaption of Felix Girault's OEmbed libary Essence. (…)


A simple plugin that provides a function to display an archive listing the titles of albums and news articles by year and month as an nested unordered html list. The years can be folded out via jQuery.


Provides extra functionality for numbererd pagelist of single gallery items (single image, album and Zenpage news article and pages) similar to the standard template pagination functions.


A plugin to provide provide various content macros for Zenpage CMS items.