Generates individually compatible XML files for use with Google and other search engines. It supports albums and images as well as optionally Zenpage pages, news articles and news categories. Sitemaps need to be generated via the button on the admin overview page and are cached as static files in the /cache_html/sitemap/ folder. Individual sitemaps are generated for all of the above item types as well as a sitemapindex file. Album sitemaps are split into individual sitemaps per album (incl. all albums pages) and image sitemaps into individual sitemaps per album.

The sitemapindex file can be referenced via or with modrewrite

IMPORTANT: A multilingual sitemap requires the dynamic-locale plugin and either the seo_locale plugin or (...)

Zenphoto 1.3.0 pre-announcement

We have scheduled the 1.3.0 release for May 27th. There are some significant new capabilities in this release including, but not limited to:

  • Imagick support

  • Custom menu creation

  • Disk quota management

  • Limitations on the number of images that may be uploaded to an album

  • Tags from album

  • Sitemap

  • seo_locale

  • jCarousel thumb navigation

  • Individual image watermarks

  • Zenpage password protection

  • Custom authentication implementations are now supported

  • Wordpress importer (Admin utility)

You do not have to wait for the 1.3.0 release to start experiencing these features. Download the Nightly build and see what is there. There is still time for improvements to these (...)


A tool to send e-mails to all registered users who have provided an e-mail address.

Nightly builds return

The automatic generation has been fixed now so they are available as usual again.


Use this backend utility to reset your album thumbnails to either "random" or from an ordered field query.


This backend plugin shows statistical graphs and info about your gallery's images and albums


This backend plugin provides a means to make backups of your zenphoto database and at a later time restore the database to the contents of one of these backups.

No nightly builds currently

Some may have noticed that we had some server downtime a few days ago. Seems we still face some server issues because of that. One is that currently no newer nightly builds are availabe. The last one is from April 15th...

So if you want or must try the development stream after 1.2.9 official please use the svn for now. We hope to get that fixed soon.


Forces language selection via an URI parameter.

This filter will detect a language setting from the URI and set the locale accordingly.

In addition, theme URLs will have the language-id inserted into them so that the above processing will result in the language being set.

This plugin should not be used if you are using subdomain locales (See the dynamic_locales plugin.)

The URL format is:
/ language-id / standard url
standard url?locale=language-id
Where language-id is the local identifier (e.g. en, en_US, fr_FR, etc.)

NOTE: the implementation of these URIs requires that Zenphoto parse the URI, save the language request to a cookie, then redirect to the "native" URI. This means that there is an extra redirect for EACH page request!

If your (...)

Photo RSS Feed Display

This is a general widget to display Photo RSS/Atom feeds on other websites. It is not a Zenphoto plugin or Zenphoto exclusive tool although it had been started as that.