This plugin will edit the tokens in the zp-data/zenphoto.cfg file  


This plugin handles RSS feeds.  


The Admin upload/files tab and the TinyMCE file browser (if configured) use a plugin to supply file handling and uploading. This plugin supplies file handling using elFinder by Studio-42 . (…)


Declares example macros  

Zenphoto 1.4.5

General Zenphoto is now release under the license GPL v2 or later (before: GPL v2 only) to be compatible with GPL v3 which a lot 3rd party tools use nowadays. All themes and the (…)

Russian translation

Image metadata processing

Whenever a new image is discovered Zenphoto attempts to populate certain object properties from the metadata associated with the image. Images may contain both EXIF, IPTC or XMP metadata or may be accompanied by a XMP sidecar file (see (…)

Migrating Zenphoto to Piwigo

A small script and tutorial how to migrate images/albums.

Showcase gallery cleanup 2013

Here is some statistics from our annual cleanup if anyone is interested:  42 entries deleted: 34 because we unfortunately lost them to other CMS or the sites were simply gone (…)


Plugin to replace the default Zenphoto logo on the backend with a custom logo.