Migrating Zenphoto to Piwigo

A small script and tutorial how to migrate images/albums.

Showcase gallery cleanup 2013

Here is some statistics from our annual cleanup if anyone is interested: 

  • 42 entries deleted:
  • 34 because we unfortunately lost them to other CMS or the sites were simply gone
  • 8 because they now just use plain official or third party themes
14 entries updated with new screenshots because of rather minor layout changes 8 entries posted again as new because of major design changes

So currently there are 140 entries in the showcase in total.


Plugin to replace the default Zenphoto logo on the backend with a custom logo.


Plugin to hide the display of user rights and other info if a user does NOT have ADMIN_RIGHTS.


Proof Sheet is a plugin for Zenphoto which will allow you to a to generate PDF proof sheet/s in A4 or LTR size paper in landscape or portrait orientation.


Zenphoto is a bugfix release. Multiple minor errors are corrected.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. For more detailed info about the fixes please review the GitHub issues list.


NOTE: due to some screwups in taging the right codeset we have skipped and (These acuatlly exist, but they have incorrect version numbers.)

Some user guide restructuring

We have just restructured our user guide a bit. Specifially we worked on the troubleshooting which formerly was located within the article "Troubleshooting guide". This was a collector article that fetched otherwise invisible shorter articles by a script to create a huge list. While the overview was nice it was outside the site search and a bit inconvenient to find.

We now have now create a buch of new longer articles to group these shorter articles thematically so they are easier to find. While doing that we tried to clean up a bit and removed some outdated info, too. You can now find all these via the main category "troubleshooting".

If you are searching on our forum there are a lot direct links to those former shorter articles within the troubleshooting guide that will be broken.

While the user guide might not be (...)

Integration with existing sites and other CMS

This is not really possible as Zenphoto is actually a standalone CMS of its own. Technically, these are the recommended ways to "integrate" Zenphoto with another CMS:

Match the look of your Zenphoto site to your existing site

This basically means to create a theme for your Zenphoto site to make it look like your existing site. For example by re-using HTML and CSS from it. Also please review our theming tutorial.

For WordPress specifially there are techniques available collected here: 
For Wordpress specifially there are some third party Wordpress tools available.

Or (...)

Using Zenpage

Assigning a specific user to a page or article

This is the way if you are the master admin and want to set up something for users with lower rights:

  1. Create a user with rights for one album and Zenpage rights.
  2. Create a new page/article as master admin for that user.
  3. Now select the user the page/article should belong to from the author dropdown.
  4. Now set the page/article to locked for changes and save it. Then only admins with full admin rights or that user will be able to edit or delete that page. For all others the link and the icon buttons should be grayed out.
Note that every user with Zenpage rights can set every page or article locked for changes himself that is not already locked for changes. It does not matter if he is the original author or not.

titlelink (name) vs title

The  titlelink is the name of an article, category or (...)

Working with albums and images

Is there any limit to the number of images?

There are no limits to the number of images Zenphoto can display in a gallery or album. Zenphoto is file system based and unique in that it scales relatively well due to its simple design. The speed of the gallery is dependent on a few minor things, namely the number of images in any given album.
Zenphoto should be able to handle any number of images in the entire gallery. It will help greatly with performance if they are separated into smaller albums. Even then, single albums with 2000+ photos are possible and will still be usable.

If you're having trouble with the speed of large galleries, try using the static_html_cache plugin to cache Zenphoto pages. Frequently loaded pages will be much faster.

Is it possible to remove the filename extension from image names in the URL?

No, the unique identifier to find the photo requested is the actual filename, and the only way (...)