The Admin upload/files tab and the TinyMCE file browser (if configured) use a plugin to supply file handling and uploading. This plugin supplies file handling using elFinder by Studio-42 .

"elFinder is a file manager for web, similar to that you use on your computer. Written in JavaScript using jQuery UI, it just work's in any modern browser. Its creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of the program used in Mac OS X."

elFinder uses UNIX command line utils zip, unzip, rar, unrar, tar, gzip, bzip2, and 7za for archives support, on windows you need to have full cygwin (...)


Declares example macros


Zenphoto 1.4.5


  • Zenphoto is now release under the license GPL v2 or later (before: GPL v2 onlyto be compatible with GPL v3 which a lot 3rd party tools use nowadays.
  • All themes and the backend are now defined as HTML5 doctype to assure compatibility with newer and future 3rd party tools we adapt. Although the new semantic HTML5 elements may not be used yet and we still use the compatible XHTML syntax in many places. Slow work in progress so to speak. [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Zenphoto uses jQuery 1.9.1 and jQuery UI 1.9.1 which is as ususal loaded on themes. Since jQuery 1.9 removed some functions older jQuery based tools may break. You find info about those changes and a jQuery migrate plugin to workaround here:
  • Themes (...)

Russian translation

Zenphoto image metadata processing

Whenever a new image is discovered Zenphoto attempts to populate certain object properties from the metadata associated with the image. Images may contain both EXIF and IPTC metadata. Zenphoto uses the formal specifications for these metadata to determine which object properties are set:

NOTE: populating Zenphoto object properties is in addition to storing the EXIF and IPTC fields in the object. It is a service to try to populate commonly used properties from the image data.

Often multiple metadata fields will map onto a single property. In this case Zenphoto applies a precedence order to the metadata, using the highest precedence field discovered. This may cause unfortunate (...)

Migrating Zenphoto to Piwigo

A small script and tutorial how to migrate images/albums.

Showcase gallery cleanup 2013

Here is some statistics from our annual cleanup if anyone is interested: 

  • 42 entries deleted:
  • 34 because we unfortunately lost them to other CMS or the sites were simply gone
  • 8 because they now just use plain official or third party themes
14 entries updated with new screenshots because of rather minor layout changes 8 entries posted again as new because of major design changes

So currently there are 140 entries in the showcase in total.


Plugin to replace the default Zenphoto logo on the backend with a custom logo.


Plugin to hide the display of user rights and other info if a user does NOT have ADMIN_RIGHTS.


Proof Sheet is a plugin for Zenphoto which will allow you to a to generate PDF proof sheet/s in A4 or LTR size paper in landscape or portrait orientation.