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PHP 5.3 nears end of live

The release of PHP 5.3.27 will be the last regular release of 5.3.

But no need to fear upgrades of your servers, Zenphoto is already been tested with PHP 5.4.

3rd party themes zpArdoise and I-feel-dirty get update for 1.4.5

vincent3569 – by the way is official French translator from 1.4.5 on – has updated two of his themes for Zenphoto 1.4.5. 

More info: 




Note: The example macros in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid them being executed. On real usages there should be none.

Macros are "delcared" by filters registered to the content_macro filter. The filter should add its macros to the array passed and return the result. A macro is defined by an array element. The index of the array element is the macro name.

Note: the plugin should be active both on THEMES to provide the function and on the ADMIN pages to provide the macro documentation.

The content of the array is as follows:

  1. "class" => macro class, see below.
  2. "params" => An array of parameter types. Append an * if the parameter may be omitted. The types allowed are:
    • "string": may be enclosed in quotation marks when the macro is invoked. (...)


This plugin will edit the tokens in the zp-data/zenphoto.cfg file



This plugin handles RSS feeds.



The Admin upload/files tab and the TinyMCE file browser (if configured) use a plugin to supply file handling and uploading. This plugin supplies file handling using elFinder by Studio-42 .

"elFinder is a file manager for web, similar to that you use on your computer. Written in JavaScript using jQuery UI, it just work's in any modern browser. Its creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of the program used in Mac OS X."

elFinder uses UNIX command line utils zip, unzip, rar, unrar, tar, gzip, bzip2, and 7za for archives support, on windows you need to have full cygwin (...)


Declares example macros


Zenphoto 1.4.5


  • Zenphoto is now release under the license GPL v2 or later (before: GPL v2 onlyto be compatible with GPL v3 which a lot 3rd party tools use nowadays.
  • All themes and the backend are now defined as HTML5 doctype to assure compatibility with newer and future 3rd party tools we adapt. Although the new semantic HTML5 elements may not be used yet and we still use the compatible XHTML syntax in many places. Slow work in progress so to speak. [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Zenphoto uses jQuery 1.9.1 and jQuery UI 1.9.1 which is as ususal loaded on themes. Since jQuery 1.9 removed some functions older jQuery based tools may break. You find info about those changes and a jQuery migrate plugin to workaround here:
  • Themes (...)

Russian translation