Login and password problems

What is the link to login on the backend? mod_rewrite support: /admin no mod_rewrite: /zp-core/admin.php Forgotten admin password (…)

Site protection

Image hotlinking protection Although Zenphoto has an option for image protection it does only protect from getting the (full) image link from your gallery site itself but not prevent real hotlinking from outside. Everyone who knows how (…)

Installation problems

Notes about deprecated functions In the process of adding features and improving Zenphoto we occasionally find we need to change the way something worked in the past. Thus we may make some theme functions obsolete. When this happens we (…)

Moving and changing existing installations

Note that if you are planning both a move of your installation and an update to a new version you should separate these steps. When you upgrade, setup will migrate your database to be consistent with the current version of Zenphoto. If you do (…)


A plugin to generate preview thumbs from pdf, eps,ai (Adobe Illustrator) and tiff file formats. Ghostscript is required to be installed on the server.

Content macros

Note: The example macros in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid them being executed. On real usages there should be none. General (…)

Zenphoto 1.4.5 release is on its way

Implementation has closed for the 1.4.5 release. You can preview it from the Development Builds link on the Download page of our Website. The release notes can be found here: https://www (…)


Zenphoto is a bugfix release. Multiple minor errors are corrected. A Cross Site Reference Forgery security hole has been closed. Thanks to Daniel Yang for reporting the issue to us. As usual we recommend all users upgrade (…) presents contributor profile pages!

Zenphoto is a smaller CMS with a small community but from all over the world. We made these new pages for these reasons:  Showcasing your contributions Easier maintenance of author credits as we don’t have to change (…)

Nirvana - Gallery3 to Zenphoto migration

A Python script to migrate from Menalto Gallery 3 to Zenphoto. Migrates photos, comments, tags and tag associations. (…)