Working with albums and images

Is there any limit to the number of images? There are no limits to the number of images Zenphoto can display in a gallery or album. Zenphoto is file system based and unique in that it scales relatively well due to its simple design. The (…)

Problems with albums and images

Thumbnails/sized images are not generated and/or the server crashes Server memory issues If you're running a web server on a VPS or other resource-limited (…)

Using external sources

Administrating images hosted on another server Zenphoto unfortunately does not support this. Zenphoto must be installed on the same server as the photos it is hosting. This is what we recommend. Even if this was possible, it would (…)


How caching works   There are several different caches: Image cache Zenphoto does not touch the original full images you uploaded to the albums directory. But it does cache the resized (…)

Problems with languages

How to install languages (translations) A translation has this folder and naming structure: de_DE/ de_DE/LC_MESSAGES de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/zenphoto.po de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ This is (…)

Using plugins and third party features

Installing third party plugins Installing Official plugins and extensions reside within /zp-core/zp-extensions. You should never remove official plugins as they might be used (…)

Login and password problems

What is the link to login on the backend? mod_rewrite support: /admin no mod_rewrite: /zp-core/admin.php Forgotten admin password (…)

Site protection

Image hotlinking protection Although Zenphoto has an option for image protection it does only protect from getting the (full) image link from your gallery site itself but not prevent real hotlinking from outside. Everyone who knows how (…)

Installation problems

Notes about deprecated functions In the process of adding features and improving Zenphoto we occasionally find we need to change the way something worked in the past. Thus we may make some theme functions obsolete. When this happens we (…)

Moving and changing existing installations

Changing the folder name Zenphoto is installed in If you did not install Zenphoto in the root of your webspace but in a separate folder (called "zenphoto" for example) just rename it. After that you need to do one of these things: (…)