3rd party themes zpFocus, zpMasonry and zpSkeleton get updates

The themes' author has fixed an issue with dynamic albums

New Youtube channel url

For quite some time the Youtube channel of our team member acrylian acted as the official Zenphoto channel:

Since it is not possible to change it afterwards, we opened a new one. We thought a better "branded" URL is not a bad idea. Any new stuff made or found will be put here:

We know we are rather inactive there but hopefully we will be able to do some tutorials in the future. If you know about some, did some or would like to do some Zenphoto tutorials or screencast, let us know so we can feature them there. 

If your video is not on Youtube let us know as well as we gladly list all we get to know about on our site's screenshots section.

How to write the application name?

Numerous versions of how the name is written in normal text fly around the net:

  1. ZenPhoto
  2. ZENphoto
  3. zenPHOTO
  4. Zen Photo
  5. Zenphoto

Sometimes in the past even we were not sure. Although our logo suggests "zenPHOTO", the official way to write the name is indeed simply "Zenphoto".

Thanks for listening...:-)

Third party tools used by Zenphoto

These are third party tools we use within the Zenphoto package itself and partly on this website's theme This list is surely missing something!


This is a Zenphoto plugin that allows an LDAP-authentication against Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP. The login-function checks first if there is a local-db user available (for the given credentials), if not, it will try to authenticate against the given LDAP-directory.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


Modified uploader_jQuery for Zenphoto supporting chunked uploads.


This is a replacement for Zenphoto's built-in commenting system using Facebook's commenting plugin.

Piwigo and Zenphoto to join forces!

This was of course an April Fools joke. We have no plans to merge the projects. However, it's true that both projects share the same spirit and have a friendly connection for years. Thanks to the Piwigo team for joining us with this little fun!


After long negotiations and deliberations the teams of Piwigo and Zenphoto have decided to merge projects. The reason is the ever growing competition with the big CMS like Wordpress (although their gallery functions are nowhere near those of Piwigo and Zenphoto), social networks or online photo communities like flickr or Picasa.

We know this comes as a big surprise to you our users. But there is no need to fear! Piwigo and Zenphoto share the same strong open source spirit. The teams also had a friendly connection by recommending each other for years!


Python trademark problem solved!

In February we reported that the trademark of the Python programming language was in danger. We are glad to learn that they were able to reach an settlement with the involved company. Read more about it here:

Lightroom Zenphoto publishing service

A Lightroom 3 and 4 publishing service tool. The service gives you the possibility to sync Lightroom with your Zenphoto installation.

An update for Lightroom 5 is available here: