Site updates 6/12: 3rd party themes and some articles removed

We have cleaned up our site a little:

Removed 3rd party themes

These themes are sadly no longer provided by their authors so their entries have been removed:

  • facedout
  • Silhouette
  • The life in blue
  • The life is socal
  • zpGalleriffic 1.0

Old articles about 3rd party tools removed

Before we switched our site to Zenphoto only we used Wordpress for the news and posted manually about new themes and such.

Since Zenphoto now thanks to Zenpage plugin's CombiNews mode lists all of the entries in the news section anyway they are doubled ”“ at least those still available ”“ and also clutter search results. So we removed them now. running 1.4.3 beta

We like to announce that our own site is now running the 1.4.3 beta. The beta is available for download from the nightly build "trunk" files. If you decide to try the Beta we recommend you check the updates periodically for bug fixes discovered during this trial period. As a reminder, the release is scheduled for June 1st June 15 July 1st (release has been delayed to allow more beta testing).

The rss links for the site have changed on our site as announced a while ago. They should be backward compatible to the 1.4.2 ones but older forms will not work. Best you re-subscribe right now since even these new redirection will be removed in the future.


This module helps you to keep track of your Zenphoto visitors through the Matomo platform. It places the Matomo JavaScript tag at the bottom of your webpages using the theme_body_close filter. If you do not want particular pages to be tracked you should pass an array containing "matomo_tag" as the excludeparameter to the theme page body close filter application. e.g.


Please visit the Matomo for the piwik software and installation instructions.

Sponsors program renamed to "Hosting"

Early April this year we announced the sponsors program to allow limited advertisement on our site. It turned out that the only serious enquiries were form hosting companies and most of them wished it to be named "Hosting" so we decided to rename it.

The top right menu button is now named "Hosting". Note that the links now changed as well.


A plugin for the popular social network button tool from

Zenphoto 1.4.3 Release Beta

We are pleased to announce that the next feature update to Zenphoto is now available in beta. The "trunk" nightly build files now contain this release so you can experience the enhancements by downloading and installing the latest nightly trunk build.

Please read the draft of the Zenphoto 1.4.3 release announcement for details. There is quite a lot of new stuff there.


Zenphoto is a bugfix release of the recent 1.4.2 branch. It will be the last release of the 1.4.2 branch.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more information.

Gallery2 to Zenphoto Migration

An extended Perl script based on several solutions posted online. Used with Menalto Gallery 2.3.x and Zenphoto 1.4.3.

Google reverse geocode

This Zenphoto Plugin reverses geocodes images with GPS data using Google's Geocode API. Reverse geocoding is the process of back (reverse) coding of a point location (latitude, longitude) to a readable address or place name. The address components will populate the locationcitystate and country fields in the database, all multilingual.

Showcase changes (4-22-2012)

Showcase site entries are now (roughly) tagged about how the sites use Zenphoto, e.g. standalone or in combination with others.


This is meant to give especially new visitors and users a guide what is possible with Zenphoto beyond being just a photo gallery.