Translates characters with diacritical marks to simple equivalents



Provides a means to close access to your site for upgrading and testing.

A button is placed in the Utility functions section of the Admin overview page to allow you to manage the state of your site. This button changes function depending on the state of the site. You may close a site, move a closed site to test mode, and then open the site.

Closing the site will cause links to the site front end to be redirected to a script in the folder plugins/site_upgrade. Access to the admin pages remains available. You should close the site while you are uploading a new Zenphoto release so that users will not catch the site in an unstable state.

After you have uploaded the new release and run setup, you place the site in test mode. In this mode only logged in Administrators can access the front end. You can then, as the administrator, view the site to be sure (...)


When this plugin is enabled, a selector will be visible at the upper left corner of the browser window. This enables a visitor to select which theme he wants to use.

Theme selection is stored in a cookie. The default duration of this cookie is 120 minutes, changeable by an option.

No theme participation is needed for this plugin. But to accomplish its independence the plugin will load a small css block in the theme head. The actual styling is an option to the plugin. A theme may replace this CSS via the themeSwitcher_css filter.

Themes and plugins may use the themeSwitcher_head and themeSwitcher_controllink filters to add (or remove) switcher controls. The active() method may be called to see if themeSwitcher will display the control links.



This plugin provides an image upload handler for the upload/images admin tab based on the uploadify jQuery plugin script.


This plugin provides a HTTP based image upload handler for the upload/images admin tab.



This plugin provides an image upload handler for the upload/images admin tab based on the jQuery File Upload Plugin by Sebastian Tschan.

PHP 5.3 or greater is required for the plugin to work.



Provides a donation button to solicit contributions to Zenphoto.

Zenphoto 1.4.3

  • General

    • We have closed a security hole having to do with changed behavior in a library we did use. Special thanks to JPCERT Coordination Center and the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) for bringing this to our attention.
    • If Zenphoto thinks it needs to run Setup again but the files are not present it will now tell you why. The reasons are also divided into critical--Setup must be run to procede, and cautionary--Setup should be run at your earliest convenience, but the site will continue to function. Only users with ADMIN rights will see the warning notice. [sbillard]
    • Backup compression will now be applied to the database row (instead of each individual field). This makes for smaller backups when compression is used. Old field-compressed backups are still supported in restore. However, compressed backups created by the 1.4.3 (...)

Zenphoto 1.4.3 postponed to July 1st

Originally we planned to release 1.4.3 on June 15th but sadly some bugs were discovered. Although they should be fixed already we prefer to postpone the release to do some more testing. Better this than a bug fix release a few days later. Additionally some "real life" is stealing some time currently so we cannot do this earlier.

We scheduled 1.4.3 for July 1st now. We hope you understand. And you can help by testing the 1.4.3 beta (trunk nightly build).

Site updates 6/12: 3rd party themes and some articles removed

We have cleaned up our site a little:

Removed 3rd party themes

These themes are sadly no longer provided by their authors so their entries have been removed:

  • facedout
  • Silhouette
  • The life in blue
  • The life is socal
  • zpGalleriffic 1.0

Old articles about 3rd party tools removed

Before we switched our site to Zenphoto only we used Wordpress for the news and posted manually about new themes and such.

Since Zenphoto now thanks to Zenpage plugin's CombiNews mode lists all of the entries in the news section anyway they are doubled ”“ at least those still available ”“ and also clutter search results. So we removed them now.