This plugin is the centralized Cache manager for Zenphoto. It provides: Options to purge the HTML and RSS caches on publish state changes of: albums images news articles pages (…)


Provides a check for more recent Zenphoto versions.  


"Clones" the currrent Zenphoto installation to a new location using symlinks. The zp-core, themes, user plugins folders and the root index.php file are symlinked. Setup will create the other needed folders. (…)


Loads Colorbox JS and CSS scripts for selected theme page scripts. Note that this plugin does not attach Colorbox to any element because there are so many different options and usages. You need to do this in your theme yourself. Visit the (…)


Merges several RSS feeds into one stream. Based on David Stinemetze's MergedRSS Class If you ever wanted to have a (…)


Mobile devices are detected with php-mobile-detect. A particular theme may be designated for phones and for tablets. If the connecting device is one of these, the theme (…)


Provides functionality to list (or get) objects related to the current object based on a search of the tags assigned to the current object.  


Changes white space characters to hyphens.


Translates characters with diacritical marks to simple equivalents  


Provides a means to close access to your site for upgrading and testing. A button is placed in the Utility functions section of the Admin overview page to allow you to manage the state of your site. This button changes function (…)