Used to cache Theme pages (i.e. those pages launched by the Zenphoto index.php script.)

Exceptions to this are the password.php and 404.php pages, any page listed in the Excluded pages option, and any page whose script makes a call on the static_cache_html_disable_cache() function. NOTE: this function only prevents the creation of a cache image of the page being viewed. If there is already an existing cached page and none of the other exclusions are in effect, the cached page will be shown.

In addition, caching does not occur for pages viewed by Zenphoto users if the user has ADMIN privileges or if he is the manager of an album being viewed or whose images are being viewed. Likewise, Zenpage News and Pages are not cached when viewed by the author.



Prints a paged thumbnail navigation to be used on a theme's image.php, independent of the album.php's thumbs loop The function contains some predefined CSS id's you can use for styling.



Allow the site viewer to select a localization (language).

Only the zp-core and theme gettext() strings are localized by this facility.

If you want to support image descriptions, etc. in multiple languages you will have to enable the multi-lingual option found next to the language selector on the admin Gallery configuration page. Then you will have to provide appropriate alternate translations for the fields you use. While there is a field for strings for all Zenphoto supported languages you need supply only those you choose. The others language strings will default to your local language.

Locale selection may occur in several ways:

  • A cookie stored when the user chooses his language
  • The URI language selection provided by the seo_locale plugin
  • The subdomain locales option

This plugin applies only to the theme pages--not Admin. The language cookie, if set, will carry (...)


Support for allowing visitors to register to access your site. Users registering are verified via an e-mail to insure the validity of the e-mail address they provide. Options are provided for setting the required registration details and the default user rights that will be granted.

Place a call on printRegistrationForm() where you want the form to appear. Probably the best use is to create a new custom page script just for handling these user registrations. Then put a link to that script on your index page so that people who wish to register will click on the link and be taken to the registration page.

When successfully registered, a new Zenphoto user will be created with no logon rights. An e-mail will be sent to the user with a link to activate the user ID. When he clicks on that link he will be taken to the registration page and the verification process will be completed. At this point the user ID rights are set to the value of the plugin (...)


Provide JavaScript tag "suggestions" based on Remy Sharp's jQuery Tag Suggestion plugin.

Activate the plugin and the feature is available on the theme's search field.



zenPayPal -- Paypal Integration for Zenphoto.


Note: The example macro in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid it being executed. On real usages there should be none.

Supports showing slideshows of images.

  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_size' -- Size of the images
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_mode' -- The player to be used
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_effect' -- The cycle effect
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_speed' -- How fast it runs
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_timeout' -- Transition time
  • Plugin Option 'slideshow_showdesc' -- Allows the show to display image descriptions

The theme files slideshow.php, slideshow.css, and slideshow-controls.png must reside in the theme folder. If you are creating a custom theme, copy these files form the "default" theme of the (...)


Adds a link to allow requesting a single image print through Shutterfly.


Supports a rating system for images, albums, pages, and news articles using the Star Rating Plugin by

An option exists to allow viewers to recast their votes. If not set, a viewer may vote only one time and may not change his mind.

Customize the stars by placing a modified copy of jquery.rating.css in your theme folder.

Legal note: Use the Disguise IP option if your country considers IP tracking a privacy violation.



Prints a list of all albums context sensitive.

Menu types:

  • list for HTML list
  • list-top for only the top level albums
  • omit-top same as list, but the first level of albums is omitted
  • list-sub lists the offspring level of subalbums for the current album
  • jump dropdown menu of all albums(not context sensitive)

Call the function printAlbumMenu() at the point where you want the menu to appear.